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Computer won't start - fan repeatedly starts and stops and starts and stops ad nauseum


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Computer won't start - fan repeatedly starts and stops and starts and stops ad nauseum

  • Just today, after 2 years of no problems, my 2400 won't start! The back ABCD lights up, the computer fan turns on, and then after about 3 seconds, it shuts down, then after three seconds it tried to start again. This will go on indefinitely if I don't  turn it off, which i do! HELP!!! What's the problem here??
  • The entire computer shuts down and restarts and shuts down and restarts and so on and so forth. I guess it is the power supply. I guess I'll have to splurge and get a new one. eh?



  • One other thing! After it turns off and on repreatedly for about 30 seconds (4 seconds on- 4 seconds off- 4 seconds on -etc), there are 2 short beeps made by the computer. Then it continues with its off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on cycling, never actually powering up fully.




    I'd prefer a helpful suggestion rather than just DELL bashing. A legal proceeding against them will just make some attorney rich. It won't solve much else! It certainly won't repair my computer!



  • my Dimension 8300 just started doing the ON and OFF thing a week ago, today its dead, nothing, no flashing lights, no screaming fan, absolutely nothing.

    So, any idea's on finding a replacement power supply(not Dell sh!£% - reason for this is that I will never buy anything from Dell again) to fit the Dell mobo and case?

  • I am getting something like this with my Dimension 8400. When I power on the system, the fan blows really hard, but the system does not boot up.
  • oh boy, lets start to diagnostic these problems, okay the fan comes on and off. when this happens, does the power supply fan stay on all the time? If it does, power supply sounds good. To me, it looks like the motherboard is dead. Not sure, gotta go deeper and deeper. Guys im telling you this because its too early to be 100% sure whats wrong. I dont want you to buy the wrong parts and replace it and no progress.
  • Power supply is bad.

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  • Dunno if it's the exact same issue (my Dimension 8300 just recently went totally 100% dead just under 2 years old). For me, ended up being the power supply.
    Thread here, for what it is or isn't worth: