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Loading PBR for descriptor 2......done


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Loading PBR for descriptor 2......done

  • I have a Dell Dimension 4700. When booting it stops at the point before it posts and gives me the message " Loading PBR for descriptor 2....done" and stops booting.
    I ran the HDD diagnostics, no errors were found.
    I tried clearing the CMOS no dice, I checked Dells online resources and got the following:
    Document Type: Hot Topic
    Document Number: 289265
    Release Date: 07/12/2005
    Journal Number: 06003XMRZL

    This doc recommended the following fix:

    1.Flash the BIOS to the most current version available - I did this, didnt work

    2.Use the Dell Support Fix It Button- have no idea what this is, or where it is, the PC wont boot into windows.

    I live overseas so have to rely on overseas support from Dell. A technician came and changed the CDROM drive (that also wasnt working) and left, the PC still isnt booting, it took two weeks for him to come. He told me I have to call Dell again and make another report, I will have to wait another two weeks.

    Can anyone give me some advice ?? Need help right away, this PC is very important for work.




  • Unfortunately your problem isn't related to the BIOS, but rather with the hard drive.  Do a search on the forums here on the topic of " Loading PBR " and you will find quite a few postings on the problem.  You should be able to click here to see the results of a search I made.
  • Thanks for the advice, I ran a diagnostic on the HDD but everything tested ok. I ran the Dell diag. from floppy and got the foll. error codes:



    These errors came up during the audio test, not sure what they mean.
    What is the command to restore the installation to original ?
  • "What is the command to restore the installation to original ?"
    Not quite sure if you are referring to restoring the hard drive back to the way it was when the system came from the factory or the BIOS so I will give you links for both....... 
    Click here for information on using the PC Restore utility to restore the hard drive. 
    Click here for an FAQ on how to restore the default settings in the BIOS.  Just scroll down the list and follow the directions for your model number.
  • This morning I noticed a BSOD on my Dimension 8400, stating that my PC had been shut down automatically blah blah blah.

    When I went to reboot later, I got the same message as Jaggs - "Loading PBR...done". Press CTRL ALT DEL to reboot.

    All the on HD diagnostics come back with no problems. But I still cannot boot up.

    Anyone with any insight to this problem? Thanks in advance.

  • I spoke to a Dell technician and he told me to restore the HDD. I have to back up all my data first though, and call him back. He wants to walk me through it. If it works i will tell you.
  • I restored the HDD from image and the system works fine now. I think the problem may have been a corrupted boot record.
  • I reinstalled the HDD image using the Dell boot command and its working now. Probably a damaged boot record.
  • Thanks for posting back with an update.  Yes, a "loading PBR" error is related to the boot record on the hard drive.
  • Just signed into the forum. I have an Inspiron 220 doing exactly the same thing i.e. stopping on a blank screen after the message "Loading PBR for descriptor 2......done"


    Dell just want to replace the hard drive, with of course complete loss of data. Was there another solution?

  • Ra44510, unfortunately I don't see any other options besides replacing the drive or doing a restore on it.  Since the problem is with a laptop you should post in the Inspiron - Hard Drive forum to see what other opinions you receive.
  • Ok thanks. I am trying BartPE. It has allowed me to boot up from the CD drive. I can see my data, I now just need to work out how to copy it to something else!
  • I don't know if you were able to get your files copied yet, but I ran across an article on PC World's web site that maybe of interest.  The article explains how to use a Windows XP Emergency boot disk to repair the boot sectors which should help in your situation.  Click here for that article.
  • I have a Dimension 4700 and just got the LOADING PBR FOR DESCRIPTOR 2... FAILED  message. Ran HDD and got ST3160023AS - - Fail. Return Code: 5
    Based on all the thread I have read, it looks like I will have to replace the hard drive.
    1. Any other ideas besides replacement?
    2. Out of warranty, What hard drive should I buy? Installation instructions/tips?
    3. Can I save my data?