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Computer not recognizing USB ports


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Computer not recognizing USB ports

  • My screen name says it all: USBereft. All my USB ports worked fine until one day last week when I accidentally disconnected my daughter's iPod Shuffle while it was downloading music from our hard drive. Now the computer does not recognize anything plugged into any USB port--not the camera, the iPod, a flash drive, etc.
    I have chatted four different times with Dell online support techs. We have checked to be sure the USB ports are working through a diagnostic test, and the report was fine. We have uninstalled all the ports and allowed them to reinstall themselves. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the iPod software. Finally, out of desperation, I performed not one but TWO restores to take my system back to a time when it was working. Nothing has worked so far.
    I am completely frustrated and would appreciate any advice anyone out there might have.
  • Hi,

    What model computer and what Operating System, would help.

    Go into Device Manager and remove all entries for USB.

    Reboot and re-install chipset drivers when prompted.

    If you are running Windows XP also install Windows XP SP 1 to get USB 2 working



  • This is a Dell Dimension 8300 running Windows XP. I have already uninstalled all the USB ports three times and allowed them to reinstall themselves when I rebooted, but that procedure didn't help. I don't understand what you mean by "reinstall chipset drivers when prompted." There were no prompts when I rebooted. I'm not very computer literate, unfortunately, and much of this information is new to me. Sorry!
    Thanks for trying to help me!