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OptiPlex GX270 Will Not Boot


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OptiPlex GX270 Will Not Boot

  • Hi,
    I'm having a problem in that I can't get one of our PCs to boot up - I get an error from the BIOS something along the lines that previous boot attempts failed at checkpoint pnp7 - contact support then the screen goes blank.
    Anyone seen this before - it's mention a couple of times in the forum but with no solutions / answers ?


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  • Is that a 4700? Have you tried disabling PNP in the BIOS?
  • Sorry  - my memory is playing tricks on me!  When I looked at the PC in the comms room I saw that it was an OptiPlex GX270.
    I can't get to the BIOS - the initial screen comes up & as soon as I press f2 the screen goes blank. Poer still gets to the CD Rom etc
  • Ok, no problem. Except that you may want to post in the Optiplex forum. Sounds like a PSU issue.

    Good luck.

  • It sounds a lot like a Motherboard issue to me.

    The SX/GX 270 computers built between a certain time were notorious for motherboard failures. It just depends on the timeframe and which capacitors were used to construct the motherboards. Even then, it depends on which batch.

    We consider the Optiplex SX/GX Series the Roulette Series at work. The ones we got from the bad batch are pathetic. Typically the screens go black or they won't turn on. Haven't seen one where you can't get to the BIOS.

    I have not seen one with a PNP Checkpoint error. This sounds like an unrelated issue.

    I would do the following:
    Open the comptuer and inspect the motherboard. Especially examine the apacitors for buldging or leaking. They are round cylinders. If you see any as in just one, force Dell to give you a new motherboard even if it is out of warrantee. This is a known issue and they shouldn't deny it.

    Okay, assuming all looks okay, check all cables and possibly reseat memory.

    Check all jumpers.

    I would next recomend removing the passwd jumper and putting it on the realtime clock reset. I can't remember what it is called exactly. This should be done observing static precautions and with the computer off. Wait about 10 to 15 seconds and remove the jumper and put it back on the passwd.

    If I remember correctly there are only 2 jumpers on the entire motherboard, but you can still get the motherboard layout from eDocs.

    Finally, boot the system. It should be all reset to factory... It should take a long time to boot and detect all IDE devices and SATA0 if you have that. You should be able to get to the BIOS to...

    If not, you most likely need a replacement motherboard. I am nearly 100% certain of this. Someone said PSU as in Power Supply. Well, a CheckPoint typically has to do with the motherboard and PNP has nothing to do with the PSU. I really do think your motherboard is bad, and I wouldn't be surprized. We have needed tons of GX270 motherboard replacements at work. When we got them they were great for over a year then all of the suden it was like sudden meltdown... a computer or two on average at a few of our sites needs a replacement motherboard. It is pathetic.

    Well that person may be right, but I think Mother Board. If you wonder why I think that, it is because we have over 1000 GX270 computers at work and have ordered maybe 2 power supplies total. However, we have gone through dozens and dozens of motherboards. We despise the GX270 computers at work not because they are not good computers but because they are incredibly unreliable to us. We have Dell GX 1, GX 110, GX 150, GX 240, and GX260, and GX 280, and GX620. All are more reliable than the GX270 series. The only thing worse than a GX270 is an SX270.

    The SX270 is the Small Form Factor (I think I got that right) It is a miniture GX270. It is a tiny computer that is very fast and works very well. Other than its problems with overheating, Hitachi Hard Drive Failures, Noisey fans, and constant motherboard failures, the SX270 is a great computer too. Want to read up on the SX270, check this link out.



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  • Oh last thing.

    After speaking with Dell and having them fix your problem, you are all set. Serriously, the replacement part (almost definitly motherboard) will not have the same problem. Dell is aware of the issues with the GX2270 and has done well to ensure the replacement part(s) is(are) free of manufacturer defects. You can visually see they have completely different capacitors. :) Yes, they will take care of you and always tend to do okay when it comes to warrantee.

    Good News: Once you are serviced, your system will work fine and should continue to work fine for the lifetime of the computer. In otherwords, it should be as reliable as a new computer.

  • Justin:

    The appropriate "whine and cheese party" is in the Optiplex forums.

    Merry Christmas.

  • I had the same problem (pnp7) It was the electrolytic capacitors on the Motherboard.
    Check and any that are bulging out at the top are faulty... Worked for me.....