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What is a CMOS checksum error- Defaults loaded

  •  I would like to know what does CMOS checksum error-defaults loaded means on my bios screen...
  • Hi, my brother's computer did the same thing. The battery on the motherboard is dead. Try changing the battery and it should be fine.
  • I did changed and put a new battery. Error message was gone but the problem with my Dimension PC has just started. I still can't make it past on the WindowsXP logo. That's the farthest...
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  • Micbola, if the system is freezing when the Windows XP logo appears then your problem is with the operating system and not the BIOS.  If you haven't done so already try posting the problem in the Software - Windows XP forum.  The software forum is very popular and someone there can best advise you on how to repair Windows XP so that it loads up without problems.