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DNS issues


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DNS issues

  • I have been having problems accessing website www.123greetings.com, I contacted my ISP Verizon, DSL BroadBand Service, Tech Support. After doing some tests they found that my browser has difficulty recognizing URL addresses like www.123greetings.com . the tech support rep. used the IP address for this website and was able to view it.  She informed to contact my computer manufacturer for DNS issues.
  • It's not a hardware issue.

    Is Windows updated with all current critical updates?

    Do you have current, real-time antivirus and firewall protection?

    Have you scanned for and removed all spyware?

    If the answer to any of the above is no, it's past time for a thorough security sweep of the system.
  • if you use a firewall, you can reset your DNS settings , you can also enter manual DNS and perhaps even set DNS to be recorded for period of day(s). which might help

    Dimension 8300,

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  • ejn63,

    I have firewall protection and I also have antispyware software installed and antivirus, the Verizon Technician had me disable the firewall but not the antispyware software. I have my system set up to automatically install all critical windows updates.  According to the virus protection scan I need an up to date program could that be the problem?


  • klbf,

    How can I reset my DNS settings using the firewall or manual reset?


  • what firewall do you use?
  • Firewall protection provided by Windows XP Home Edition
  • read this http://www.jsifaq.com/subN/tip6500/rh6540.htm

    also this link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/245437/EN-US/?FR=1

    i don't know if the windows xp firewall allows it since the xp firewall is basic

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  • Sounds to me like the ISP guy doesn't know what hes talking about! 
    Could be a firewall i suggest turning it off and test the address again or scan computer for viruses/spyware.
    Good luck
  • I agree with Mex, you might try going up to tools/ internet options/ security/ highlite each option seperately/ do default level/ apply to each one. See if that works, i had no problem going to the site you posted.
  • Mex_Carnal,

    I turned off the firewall protection and set all the internet options to default, I still cannot access 123greetings.com.  Is it possible that the Windows Firewall is causing the problem, I have the option to install a firewall from Mc Afee? What should I do?


  • Bowtie,

    I did what you and Mex suggested and still I have no access to 123.greetings.com.

  • The windows firewall is not the problem, mine is turned on and it's not stopping me. Is that the only site you can't get to or is it all sites. If it's just one site then i don't see it being the firewall. Try clearing the cookies and reestablish the connection to the site.
  • Dear Bow Tie,

    Presently that is the only website that I do not have access to, I cleared the cookies and still no access.