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Dimension 9100 problems


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Dimension 9100 problems

  • Hi!!!!!
    My dimension computer sits there and goes beep - beep - beep - beep when I turn it on!!
    Why is it doing this?
  • How many beeps and what do the diganostic lights on the front panel display?
  • 4 long beeps and the numbers 3 & 4 are lit.



  • When Quadpack LEDs 3 and 4 are lit, it means that there's Memory Subsystem configuration activity or failure
  • Reseat your memory and if you have added any new memory remove it and see if the error clears. Let us know and we can go from there.
  • Sorry, I checked the computer again yesterday and It beeps 6 times not 4. 


    4 long beeps - pause - then 2 more long beeps.


    Sorry for my confusion.

  • Well if it's definitely 4-2 that (in most AMI based BIOS which are typical on Intel boards) usually means the video card is seated improperly or dead. Most Dell codes are a series of 3, are you sure it's on 4-2? I would pop the case door and make sure everything is firmly seated and secure and try again.

    This link points to the advanced troubleshooting section of the 9100 manual, might be of some help...

  • It was the memory modules that were the cause. So far its running OK.
     Saved me a trip to the computer repairman!
    Thanks guys!!!!!
  • No problem, nothing like an easy fix, have a good holiday.