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USB to PS/2 keyboard adapter doesn't work?

  • I just got this Dell keyboard:

    It's a simple USB keyboard (no USB hub built into it, no application shortcut keys, no media keys, etc.).  The model number on the back says RT7D50.  I tried to use a purple, generic USB to PS/2 adapter (has keyboard icon on it), but my computer would give a boot error saying that it couldn't find a keyboard.  I then tried pressing the F key it told me to press to continue, but nothing happens.  The keyboard doesn't work at all when I use these adapters.  I've tried other adapters from different brands of keyboards (Microsoft, Logitech, Kensington, Belkin) and even the green ones that come with mice and none of them work.  The keyboard works fine when connected via USB.  The PS/2 ports on my PC are working too because I've been using a USB to PS/2 adapter with my old Logitech keyboard.  I want to use it on the PS/2 port because I like having the ability to power on my PC with my keyboard (my BIOS has an option for this).  Anyone know of a USB to PS/2 adapter / converter that will work with this keyboard?  Thanks.
  • You didn't mention what PC you have.

    Don't have a solution, but brand new logitech mouse only works via USB on my 8400 and not with USB to PS/2 adaptor that came with the mouse. Old logitech mouse worked perfectly on the PS/2 port. So it's the same kind of problem that you have. Logitech claims Dell's PS/2 ports are not totally standard so some devices work and others don't. Dell first told me to reinstall XP, but that's not a solution I wanted to hear. Then they replaced the motherboard under warranty, but mouse still won't work on PS/2.


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  • Not all USB keyboards/mice support a PS/2 connection automatically using an adapter from one of the manufacturers, and vice versa with PS/2 keyboards/mice.  The support needs to be built into the device.

    I have seen PS/2 port emulators for USB connections, for connecting a PS/2 keyboard and a mouse to a single USB port, but not the other way round.


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  • That's what I was afraid of.  I've seen this adapter:
    It's an active female PS/2 to male USB A adapter (opposite of what I need).  I wonder if it would work if I got adapters to change each end to the opposite gender.
  • The ones I've seen are even better - 2 PS/2 connectors to one USB port :smileywink:

    You will still need an emulator of some kind - it may be difficult to emulate USB through a PS/2 port which is why there aren't many of those around.



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  • Interesting to actually find your post today - years after - as I'm not able to have a Dell L100 USB keyboard be recognized by a HP m1070n running XP MCE through the ps/2 port using an adapter. I just wanted to save the USB port. But curious that (Dell) USB keyboards won't simply load via ps/2. I understand the reverse needing drivers…recall any solution ever?