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Why is my pc making a beeping sound?


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Why is my pc making a beeping sound?

  • Starting today, my pc has been making a beeping sound about every 5 minutes give or take. Right now it is working perfectly fine except for that annoying beeping sound. I am beginning to worry that something might be wrong with my pc. I unplug the keyboard, mouse, and speakers to see if the beeping would stop, but no use. My Dell Dimension 9100 still beeped every 5 minutes. Also when my pc was in hibernation mode, the beeping still continued. This is the first time that my pc has ever done this. There has got to be a simple solution to make the beeping stop. I also scanned my pc using norton and its clean.
    Dell Dimension 9100
    160 gb
    3 ghz
    pentium 4 hyperthreading
    512 mb of ram
    ati radeonx300se 128 hypermemory
  • also the beeping is coming from the pc tower and not the speakers.
  • Is the beeping a single beep, or some pattern?

    Did the beeping continue all the time the PC was hibernating? For that matter, are you sure it went into hibernation?

    Just a WAG here, but it might be an overheat warning - your system is getting too hot, but not yet hot enough to shut down? Check that all vents are clear of dust or other obstructions, open it up and check that fans are clean, no dust bunnies accumulating anywhere, and that CPU heatsink is still properly attached and clear of dust. Are all the fans running?

  • Well I shutdown my pc for about 4 hours to see what would happen. So I started it up and all of a sudden the beeping stops. Ive had it on for about 2 hrs and not a single beeping sound was heard from the pc. So right now Im really perplexed about what the problem is. I keep asking people questions about this problem and many say that it could be beeping as a warning that my pc is overheating. This computer is only a month old so it should be pretty clean. The beeping was a short beep every 5 minutes. That was the only pattern that I noticed. As I put the pc on hibernation last night, I could not recall hearing any beeping since I was sound asleep. It wasnt till around 9 this morning that I began to hear a beeping sound. My computer was on hibernation mode when that occured. The problem really doesnt sound serious, but im still perplexed. Should I just start to shutdown my PC instead of putting it on hibernation mode. I thought that hibernation mode meant that it would sleep and not overheat. Could the problem be that the ethernet port is overheating since I tend to leave my dsl modem turned on the whole night?
  • If it's that new, contact Dell Support - you may get warranty repair or exchange. Something is definitely not 100% right.

    Hibernation is the PC turning completely off, after it's stored a copy of its current memory content to disk. When you heard it again in the morning, it may have been woken up by LAN activity from the DSL. Check in the BIOS setup if you Wake on Lan active. You probably should turn that off.

    Ethernet card overheating is not an issue. It would have to get so hot it fried its circuits before it would get hot enough to set off any system alarms.

    You need a tech familiar with the system/motherboard who can definitely identify what the 5-minute beep means.

  • You could always remove the PC Speaker :smileyvery-happy: