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USB Emulation Setting in BIOS


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USB Emulation Setting in BIOS

  • Hi,
    I've got a new Canon Pixma MP760 multifunction printer, which also has a card reader, connected to my Dell Dimension 4550.
    If I leave the printer on, and restart my pc, the Dell splash screen will appear, but after that, all I get is a blinking cursor in the upper left corner of a black screen.  If I turn the printer off, press the on/off button on the pc, the pc will start normally, and I can then turn the printer on.
    I called Canon about this.  They told me this is peculiar to Dells, which when in 'DOS' (but I'm running XP) startup mode, try to configure the USB card reader connections on the Canon, but can't.  (I didn't have this problem with other card reading printers.)  Canon said to go into the Dell BIOS and change the setting of the USB Emulation.
    The USB Emulation settings available are:
    ON (default)
    No Boot
    I don't know which to set to, OFF, or No Boot.  Can someone explain the difference, and which to use?
    OK.  I did an advanced search (I'm finding advanced searches are great), and found this:
    Will this have any effect on other functions, and what is the difference between No Boot, and OFF?
    Thanks again,

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  • Set the emulation to No Boot.  The reason you are getting the delay is because the system is looking for a bootable device in the card reader.   Setting it to no boot will keep the BIOS from looking for the bootable device in the card reader and will fix the problem you are having.


  • Thanks, Steve.