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SK-8125 keyboard hotkeys?


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SK-8125 keyboard hotkeys?

  • Hi :)
    I have recently acquired a Dell USB keyboard with the product code: SK-8125 (the one with 5+3 hotkeys in upper part of keyboard).

    I was wondering if anyone knows if and how it might be possible to change the action of these hotkeys?

    I don't really have much use for the vol-up/down and mute keys as my speaker remote is next to the keyboard anyways, and would like to use these keys for other purposes!

    Thanks in advance,
    Claus Jensen
  • I downloaded R52635.EXE, which creates a tab called 'DellTouch' in the Keyboard application under Control Panel. However, it only allows configuration of E-mail, Home, and Search buttons (not the keys under Volume Knob).
  • Hmm.. That R52635.EXE file gives me the DellTouch tab in control panel too, but it wont let me configure any of the keys ??

    Anyone else got any suggestions??
  • I am in the same boat as you were and am awaiting a response from Dell...Did you ever find a solution..??
  • Nope.. not yet :-(
    But I'll write here if I do figure something out, to help others as well !
  • I spoke with Dell regarding the keyboard hotkeys ect...They told me (via email) they were sending me the "media" to address the hotkeys..When I recieve it, I will pass it along..or at least advise what software it is....
  • Thanks, I'd appreciate that :)
    If you would pass it on, my mail address is
  • Has anybody found any way to assign custom commands to the hotkeys on the SK-8125 yet?

    I've been busy emailing Dell tech support and they keep telling me to use incompatible versions of dell touch. I've installed 3 or 4 different versions, all of them designed for different keyboards.

    Is there a way to manually set these keys up in the registry or something?
  • Looks like we are out of luck folks.

    Here is the response I got from Dell after trying numerous versions of DellTouch.

    I was able to locate an SK-8125 keyboard here at my location and tested it out using the three driver files we have provided. My results were the same as yours. The driver file installed fine, but none of the hotkey configurations matched with what the keyboard actually had.

    Based on these results, I would then have to say that there currently is no version of DellTouch that supports this particular model of keyboard. I've done some checking internally to try to locate a compatible version of DellTouch, and the answer I've been getting is that no such version exists.

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Thank you for choosing Dell and have a great day.

  • Finally, a solution!
    The keys are set in the registry, I have a small application and instructions on my blog on how to set the hotkeys on the SK-8125. Come on down.
  • i was wondering are the usb hub 1.0 or 2.0

    also when i tried to load 2 usb in the hub it said usb hub exceeded power.

    and when i tried to use kingston data travel 2.0 usb again it said usb hub exceeded power.\


    any driver to improve this issue??