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General Comparison: Dell vs. Gateway vs. HP

  • Hi folks. I've been a Dell loyalist for almost ten years now. Between purchases for myself, family and friends and purchase-influence at work I'm probably responsible for over 200 shipped Dells. Sadly, I am now forced to re-evaluate. I'll spare you the details. The worsening ratio of severe problems right out of the box along with the disastrous outsourcing of support to India has brought me to this.

    I haven't kept abreast lately of goings-on in the mass produced PC market. Time was I wouldn't even touch a Compaq. Now I hear HP has really started turning things around. I hear a lot of bad things about Gateway, but it's hard to tell when it's just a few individuals with bad experiences and when it's a true reflection on the company.

    So, does anyone have an informed opinion on which company to go with here in 2005? Are there any other companies with full product lines and good on-the-web system configuration?

  • Dell is probably still the best, although i wouldn't mind buying an HP.  Actually, i have two.  I've never heard much good about gateway, and they are definitely the most expensive of the three.  The customer service is the same for all of them.  Dell isn't the only company that has outsourced their customer service to India, every major company in the US has.  to sum it all up, if you get a dell, you'll get a good computer that could possibly give you a problem or two and comes with horrible customer support.  if you get an HP, you'll get a good computer that could give you a problem or two, comes with terrible customer support and costs a little more.  if you get a gateway, you'll get a good computer that may give you a problem or two, terrible support, and pay 20% more for it. 

    basically, they're all using the same generic parts, production methods and customer support.  Dell (because of their size) can sell them cheaper though.

  • BrikFace.
    June 2005 copy of consumer Reports reader's ratings of desktops
    1. Apple
    2. Dell
    3. Gateway.
    4. HP
    5. Sony.
    6. Compaq.


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  • I work at a local computer repair/build shop, and all I have to say is this.
    If you can afford the money, you will be better off building your own system or finding a shop in your area that builds systems, you won't have all the extras that come with say a Dell or HP, but you will be happier with it, and normally will be better quality.
    Do I expect a backlash from my comment?, YES, but I got my 14 years experience fixing computers to support my opinion
  • tazzmiss,

                 Here is your backlash if you can handle it. Most people buy Dell, HP. Compaq, Apple etc, etc, etc, for the simple reason that they don't want to build their own system. I build my own and still buy from Dell from time to time because they offer more than what I could reasonably build an entire system for, when you factor in software, hardware etc. Computer builds are really no brainers in this day and age; my son built an AMD based system that would smoke any offering from any other than top builders like Falcon Northwest for the big $$$. Dollar for dollar, the main line manufacturers have the custom builder beat; if not, they would be history.

                 Today's buyer wants the dependability of a TV in regards to their computers and for the money spent, they deserve that. If you spent $2000 - $4000 for a TV, you would expect it to work every time you turned it on. wouldn't you?  I know that I would.


    I really need to use the spel check more often!!

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  • Thanks for the input so far (and hey, se7en5ive2, could you edit your message so it doesn't force the forum to use a horizontal scroll??).

    What do people think of IBM systems these days? I just priced one at Lenovo and it's really about the same as an equivalent Dell.

  • From everything I've heard, Gateway's have gone downhill in a major way. I'm not against HPs at all, but it seems that I can usually find a similar dell a bit cheaper, or a Dell with better stuff for the same price. Sonys are nice but expensive. Although you may read about lots of problems here on the Dell forums, you have to keep in mind that any brand of computer will ship some defective units, and you will probably read about most of them here. And unfortunate and frustrating though it is, most companies have outsourced their tech support. I've had my Dell for 7 months, my parents have had theirs for 3, and my roommate just got his. The only problem I've had with any of them has been with mine, and in the end it turned out it was my fault anyways.
    As far as system building, I've done it a couple times, but personally in the end it's less of a hassle to just order one built with the software already installed, I know that the configuration has been tested and that I get replacement parts if I need them. However, if buying OS's straight-out wasn't so incredibly expensive I would probably be more inclined to build my own systems.
    Just my two cents!


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  • There really isn't much of a comparison here. They all use the same parts from the same people. They only thing they do is put them in a box and sell those parts to you. So the only thing you can look at between the 3 companies you mention is support.

    What we really need to go after are the poor quality of parts that the companies who make the power supplies, mother boards, hard drives, ect. keep making for us to use. I think the overall quality of these parts are the problem but we as consumers keep wanting the greatest PC for less dollars.

  • I have Dell and HP and I swear they use the same outsourced call center. I think the guy who took my Dell call also took my HP call. lol. Hey, if you want service that you know is going to be there for you, build it your self. It's basically 10 pieces with 4 popping into slots in the motherboard and 4 sliding into shelves in the case.
    I'm building my next system. Will I be able to build for less than a Dell on sale? No way, but I'll be getting better components, upgradability and a lot of personal satisfaction.
  • They have all gone downhill.  Even Apple, who is going to start using Intel CPU's.  Everyone wants a 299.00 that's what they are going to get. 

    I could never build a system for 299.00, but I guarantee for 3000.00, I could build a much better system than Dell could ever offer.  Wait a minute.... I already have.  :smileytongue:


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  • No opinions on IBM systems? Are they not still considered a cut above, especially in component quality?

  • IBM does not make systems. They've sold the business to a Chinese company.
  • I know, but presumably there will at least be a legacy IBM-effect for a while. And who knows, maybe Lenovo will turn out to be a worthy challenger to Dell. The Chinese are all hepped up about changing their overall manufacturing image as producers of enormous volumes of low quality stuff. Lenovo is high profile and the government will be giving it all kinds of backing because failure will get people around the world saying "Yah you Chinese, stick to making socks and plastic jewelry".

  • China is moving up the economic food chain just like Japan, eg. Sony, and Korea, eg. Samsung, did before them. You are absolutely correct about Lenovo. China is already selling middle and highend appliances and electronics in the U.S. As far as the IBM pc's before the sale, I haven't heard anything good or bad about the product or service. Weren't they mostly corporate sales?