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dell dimension 4100

  • Good morning,
    I want to know exactly (type + tradmark) of the "remote access card" (no more information in system/gestion of peripherics), of my card "Microsoft TV/Video Connection" and of the mother card.
  • trivialpursuit,

    If you are asking what type of video card is installed in your system, it could be any one of the many video cards that Dell offered as options on this system.  What is the service tag of your system?  You can find that on a white sticker on the back of the system and on the top of the left side panel. 


  • my tag is : 6YLV00J
    the express service code is : 15153262291,
    thanks for help!
  • More informations about my computer (it can help for identify thee type of dimension 4100; a day a technicien of dell told me that the service tag was wrong !in the last email, I write exactly the service tag wrotten on the tower):
    -Intel Pentium III, 866 MHz
    -disk : RAM = 128 Mo, 18.6 Go, generic IDE Disk type 47
    -NVIDIA Geforce2 GTS for graphics
    -LG CR-RW CED 80808
    -creative sound blaster audio PCI 64 V
  • trivialpursuit,

    The service tag that you have given is not a valid service tag here in the US.  Perhaps the first number is really a letter -- Perhaps a letter "G" instead of a number "6".  I do see from your post, that you have found out what type of video card is installed along with much more information about your system. 


  • First, those are the really numbers and letters wrotten on the tower, and not an invention of my mind in order to please you !!!!
    As i told you in my last email, a technician told me, a day, there's 4 or 5 years ago, that the number tag wasn't valid... He identified us by our name and firstname (and with the bills).

    Secondly, I have found some informations but not those i wrote in my first email. I have given them in the last email in order to make your research more easy about the serie of my dell dimension 4100. But no information about the remote access card (remotea access card is writtem only in system/ gestion de peripheriques), the microsoft TV/Video Connection (but which one ?, I hope for microsoft that there's not just one card on the market for 10 years !) and the mothercard.

    So finally I want to know the type and trademark of

    - the MOTHER CARD,

    because i want to parameter mandrakelinux on this old computer and because my OS is an old and instable Windows 98.
    If I have found informations about these three card, I wouldn't take part of this forum !
  • trivialpursuit,

    The motherboard is an Intel Motherboard.  It has an Intel 815e chipset.  Basic system specs can be found at this link:

    If your system has an integrated network card, it is an Intel 82562 10/100 card.  I cannot identify any other peripherals in your computer since the service tag that you gave is not a valid service tag here in the US.  If you want to know more about what is inside your computer, you may need to remove the cards so that you can research more information about them.


  • Thank you very much !