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Dell Reset button?

  • Hi all! I need some really quick help. I have a friend who forgot the password to her Windows XP Account, and there is no other accounts on the computer, so we need to reset the computer. Does anyone know where the reset button is? I didn't know what forum to put it in since it sort of fits under both, so I just put it here. Sorry if this is the "wrong forum" but yeah. Any help is greatly appreicated!
  • If the problem is with a password under Windows, a hardware reset won't do the job.

    Try booting in Safe Mode - many times the admin account is left with no password.

    Otherwise, you're going to need to look around for password-bypass software and/or professional assistance to get past the password - there is very little in the way of free software for this purpose.
  • Thanks guys! These steps worked, thanks alot again.
  • ACtually, wait, I did that in safe mode, and it still wouldn't let me in. Do I need to get professional help now?