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Enable Wake On LAN Remotely

  • I have several hundred systems that need to have WOL enabled through Windows so I can wake them later and apply SP2 - I have GX 260s, 270s, SX 270s and SX 280s - thanks for any help!
  • I have found a group of tools from Depicus that work with almost all of the GX260 and greater machines. The Bios option for WOL needs to be enabled and the option in windows needs to be enabled for WOL. also if the low power mode is set wrong in the bios (GX270 tested) it disables the WOL function.

    One thing I have noticed, if the USER powers off the machine by holding the power button for aprox. 10 seconds the machine turns off and you will notice no link light on the back of the machine @ the NIC. this prevents the network card from receiving the magic packet that powers it on.

    the URL for them is.

    let me know how this helps you out.