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Emuzed Angel Dual HQ TV Tuner - The Mystery Dual Tuner from Dell!

  • To ALL Dell Employees:
    I have been on the Dell Merry-Go-Round the World, from here to Bombay, (and back) for Five Days now. I have talked to 10 different people in Customer Service, Sales, Pre-Sales (Forum), TechSupport (Phone and Chat). I have had to repeat this story many times now, and many times to the same person. I am getting Extremely Frustrated!!!
    Why can't a simple question from an owner, with a Dell part #, get the Dual Tuner specs and features to his new, and very expensive, Dell Dimension XPS Gen 4 system?
    Why can't I be connected to the Highly Specialized, Know-Everything-Ya-Need-to-Know Gen 4 TechSupport Center that is so highly touted on your site?
    Invoice Confirmation Item:
    XPS Specialized Support -- Dimension XPS, Specialized Support -- XPSSUPP -- [960-2697]
    Here are my oh so simple questions:
    I need to know if the Dual Tuner has 2 S-Video inputs, 2 stereo mini-jack audio inputs, 1 RF FM input, Single RF TV input (NTSC) for Dual Tuner, like the nVidia-based NVTV shown here - http://evga.com/products/pdf/NVTV-2.pdf
    Does it only have 1 S-Video input, 1 Composite input, 1 set of RCA stereo inputs, 1 RF FM input, Single RF TV input (NTSC) for Dual Tuner, like the Hauppauge 500mce shown here - http://www.hauppauge.com/Pages/products/data_pvr500mce.html
    The Dell part # and Description are:
    Media Center Enhancements -- Dual TV Tuner with Remote Control -- TVT -- [320-4069]
    I do not understand why it is so difficult to get information on a product that I have purchased.
    I look forward to your very, very prompt, detailed, and courteous response.

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  • While there area few Dell moderators, most of those answering questions are users like yourself.
  • Osprey,

    I have called, emailed, chatted, and now even forumed to every department that I can think of, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

    Do you happen to have the Ultra Top-Secret Specialized XPS Gen 4 TechSupport number?

    I am completely out of ideas. My concern is that the card will not work for my setup, which requires Two S-Video and Two Stereo inputs like the nVidia-based NVTV. This will run Two Comcast/Motorola Set-Top-Boxes.

    Also, can it capture video to archive video tapes to DVD?

  • try this web site for xps owners. you have to register.
    good luck,
  • Dell has tapped the Emuzed Angel Dual HQ

    for their Dual TV Tuner/PVR Card.

    Here is some info on the card and company. Features and Specs are listed below.

    Emuzed's Maui PCI PVRs have been used in the MCEs for Alienware, HP, and Samsung. http://www.emuzed.com/mediapcs.html


    Emuzed launches dual tv tuner card for windows xp media center ... 

    Full Story   http://www.itnowonline.com/265/35194.htm

    New Emuzed Card Powered by NEC Electronics' Single-Chip Solution for Video Decoding, Video Quality Enhancements and MPEG Encoding

    FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Emuzed, a leading provider ofmultimedia solutions for PCs and consumer appliances, announced today a dual TV tuner PCI card solution with hardware encoding and advanced video qualityenhancements for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. The 'Angel Dual HQ' tuner card features hardware encoding on both channels provided by two NEC Electronics MPEG2 encoder devices (part number uPD61153) that offer avideo decoder with three-dimensional (3D) luminance/chrominance (Y/C) separation, 3D noise reduction, and an MPEG-1/MPEG-2 encoder in a single chip........

    Features and Specs
    The Emuzed Angel Dual TV Tuner is a dual-tuner PCI Card, that supports Microsoft’s Media Center Edition (MCE) 2005.

    Features -
    View or Record (to disk) analog video from a Composite, S-Video or TV source.
    Listen to or Record (to disk) analog audio. Source may be an external source (DVD or VCR player, etc.) or TV.
    Dual tuners allow viewing one channel while recording a different channel or simultaneously recording two different channels.

    High quality video processing helps to provide a cleaner, low noise picture.

    Software -
    The Emuzed Angel Dual TV Tuner hardware comes with the following software:
    Driver setup utility (DrvSetup.exe). Located in the Windows\System32\Drivers\Angel\ folder.
    WDM driver (Angel.sys, Angel.inf, EzdCoIns.dll, EzRating.dll)
    Diagnostic utility (AnglDiag.exe, AnglDiag.cfg, Angel.device)
    The Emuzed Angel Dual TV Tuner is supported by Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) 2005 release. Microsoft's MovieMaker can be used for raw audio and video capture.

    Drivers -
    Standard Microsoft Direct Show property sets. The drivers can be found on the Resource CD. An Install Shield is provided to make installation simple. Store the Resource CD that comes with your system in a safe place in case you need to reinstall the software.

    Platform Requirements -
    Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
    5400 RPM or faster Disk Drive (Note: Disk DMA must be enabled for proper operation.)
    Minimum 256MB RAM, 512MB Recommended
    1.8GHz Processor, 400 MHz Front Side Bus
    DirectX 9.1 or higher

    5 connectors -
    1. TV Coaxial Cable
    2. S-Video/Composite Channel 1 (VID IN 1)
    3. Stereo Audio Channel 1 (AUD IN 1)
    4. S-Video/Composite Channel 2 (VID IN 2)
    5. Stereo Audio Channel 2 (AUD IN 2)

    PCI Card Installation
    Manufacturer Emuzed
    Model Angel Dual TV Tuner
    Connection type Analog and RF

    RF(TV) Specifications -
    Format  NTSC
    Channel Support Ch. 2 through 125 (31.25kHz steps)
    Sensitivity 50dBuV

    Video Specifications -
    Video Format UYVY (4:2:2), Mpeg-2 (4:2:0)
    Capture Resolution NTSC: 720x480
    Frame Rate 29.97 fps-NTSC
    Inputs NTSC: Composite and S-Video RF (for TV)
    Playback Resolution Monitor: up to Full Screen
    SNR 43 dB (up to 5 MHz with Modulated Ramp)
    Chroma Gain +/- 2 degrees (75% Color Bars)
    Luma Gain +/- 2.5 degrees (10 step staircase)
    Sub-Carrier Deviation < 100 Hz
    Frequency Response (-3dB) 3.25 MHz (compressed)

    Audio Specifications -
    Audio Format 16 bit PCM, Mpeg 1 Layer 2
    Sampling Frequency 48 kHz
    Modes Mono, Stereo
    Line Input 2 VRMS into 20K ohms; Stereo mini-jacks
    SNR > 85 dB (1KHz tone)
    THD+N < -70 dB (1KHz tone)
    Frequency Response (-3dB) 100Hz to 18KHz
    Volume Control 70dB

    Mechanical Specifications -
    PCI Card 5.5" x 4.1"
    Cable Crosstalk < -35 dB
    ESD > 8KV (recoverable)
    Operating Temperature 0° to 55°C
    Operating Humidity 5 to 80% non-condensing
    Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C
    Storage Humidity 5 to 85% non-condensing

    Power -
    Input Voltage (Current) +3.3V (700mA)
    +5V (1200mA)
    +12V (60mA)

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  • How is the live/recorded TV quality when using this dual tuner?
  • Mike,

    I have purchased the card in my new XPS system, but will not receive it until Christmas Eve, which will be a madhouse. I won't be able to post my thoughts until sometime in January. I was also hoping to here from someone who has it, plus some prior experience with TV tuner cards, to get a better feel for the card.

    Here is some additional information on alternatives for a more informed decision. (Taken from a previous post reply for a potential upgrade customer):

    Here is a list of MCE 2005 partners, and their approved products. Since you are going to have to go through the trouble of installing the card yourself, you might want to see if there is a card that is a better fit for you.

    As for the recently revealed mystery tuner, the Emuzed Angel Dual Tuner. It took a long time to get this much info on it, and still I can't find any info on Dell's site about it. Even Emuzed has zip, nada, zilch! The Angel is strictly OEM for now. I am not sure if it is in short supply, and only new systems have the option, but perhaps if you dig long enough you might be rewarded with one.

    My advice would be to do a little research on the alternatives, before you take a spin on the Dell Merry-Go-Round the World!


    I was disappointed to see that the Hauppauge 500mce has only one S-video/Composite inputs, and only one set of RCA audio inputs. So instead of being able to connect 2 set-top-boxes via 2 S-video, and 2 stereo mini-jack inputs (as in the NVTV Dual, Emuzed Angel Dual, etc..), 1 must be RF, and the other is a choice between RF, S-Video or Composite. (See earlier post above with links).

    So Beware! Not all dual tuner cards have the same features, make sure it does what you want it to.


    Dell/Emuzed Angel Dual Tuner Info: Copied directly from Confirmation Invoice:

    Media Center Enhancements    Dual TV Tuner with Remote Control

    TVT    [320-4069]


    Designed for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Logo Partner List

    Published: August 31, 2004 | Updated: November 29, 2004


    This is an initial list of compatible products. The list will grow as products get submitted into the logo program.

    DVD Decoders

    • CyberLink Power DVD 5.0.2027C
    • NVIDIA DVD Decoder

    Graphics Cards

    • ATI Mobility RADEON 9800
    • ATI RADEON 9800 Series
    • ATI RADEON X800 Series
    • ATI RADEON X700 Series
    • NVIDIA GeForce FX5200
    • NVIDIA GeForce FX5700
    • NVIDIA GeForce FX5750
    • NVIDIA GeForce 6600
    • NVIDIA GeForce 6800

    TV Tuners

    • Pixela PIX-CTV200PW
    • Adaptec AVC-3610
    • ATI HDTV Wonder
    • AVerMedia M150
    • AVerMedia A169
    • AVerMedia M183
    • AVerMedia UltraTV 1500 MCE
    • AVerMedia M113 (PCI, NTSC, PAL, SECAM)
    • AVerMedia E502 (CardBus, NTSC, PAL)
    • AVerMedia M17S (Low Profile, 3D Comb, GR, NTSC)
    • Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 MCE
    • Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150MCE l.p.
    • Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-250MCE
    • Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-500MCE
    • Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB2 MPEG TV Encoder
    • NVIDIA NVTV 200
    • Pixela PIX-CTV200PW
    • Prolink PV-M2TV307PL+
    • YUAN MPC622 Mini PCI Video Capture Card (Falcon II)
    • YUAN PG600 PCI Video Capture Card (Falcon II)
    • YUAN PCI Video Capture Card (Falcon II)

    Wireless Routers

    • Linksys WRT55AG Dual-Band Wireless A+G Broadband Router Ver. 2
    • Netgear Double 108 Mbps Wireless Firewall Router (WGU624)

    Media Center Extenders

    • Linksys WMCE54AG Dual-Band Wireless A/G Media Center Extender
  • I feel your pain and lived it also.  It's like they don't know what they are putting in their machines.  I've done all the same research and can't believe how little info is available.  Here's my thing, when it says "Dual tuners allow viewing one channel while recording a different channel or simultaneously recording two different channels", quote from the user guide, just how the heck does that happen?  I have a new dim 8400 with dual tuner and a LCD TV and a cable line.  The joke is when it says to do this refer to the documentation provided with the OSHA.  Yeah that tells you a lot.  It tells me that I need 2 physical cards! 

    I can't believe the circles the a consumer has to take just to be able to use what they pay for.  Oh and they also advertise on the dell site, radio to go along with the other great features.  Don't believe it has that option either.  Not every PC buyer is a non-manual reading with time to stumble on to how to do things user.  JUST GIVE US SOME FLIPPIN DIRECTIONS!  Sorry I feel a little better now


  • Moskola,

    moskola wrote:

    I have a new dim 8400 with dual tuner and a LCD TV and a cable line. The joke is when it says to do this refer to the documentation provided with the OSHA. Yeah that tells you a lot. It tells me that I need 2 physical cards!

    Agreed! If only they'd toss an errata sheet in the box or something to let us know how the shipped hardware differs from the documentation.

    Here's what I've discovered so far:

    When I emailed tech support they referred to this board as the "TVT2" card (the one with 2 S-video, 2 audio, and one antenna input) as opposed to the "TVT1" (the one with one each S-video, audio, composite and antenna). With the "TVT2" card, the two tuners work from the same antenna input, as if it has an internal splitter for the two tuners. Or you can control two satellite/cable boxes wired by S-video or composite, using the supplied IR emitters to change channels.

    The Media Center application (which provides DVR functionality) does not allow you to mix sources: you configure it to use the antenna input, or you configure it to use the two S-video/composite inputs. Reconfiguring it requires re-loading your TV guide data. Very inflexible, can't even make ad-hoc recordings from, say, your VCR without lying to it. Tell it to tune to a channel that isn't in the guide data, then you can set the start and stop times manually. Otherwise all you can do is record programs per the guide data.
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