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Dell Dimension 4550 wont turn on


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Dell Dimension 4550 wont turn on

  • My Dimension 4550 is having trouble turning on. The light on the motherboard is on, so I know it's getting power, but when I press the pwoer button nothing happens. please help.
  • Anything showing on the diagnostic LEDs on the back panel (ABCD, amber/green)?
  • Are those LEDs on the motherboard? if so, then there is one on that's green. otherwise, there doesnt seem to be any lights on anywhere else.
  • On the back of the system near the printer port, there should be four diagnostic LEDs.
  • oh. I see those, but none are on.
  • First thing I'd try is removing all the PCI cards, then see if the system will power on. 

    If it comes up, try adding cards back one at a time & find the bad card. 

    If not, then it is either the power supply (Just because the MB LED is on, doesn't mean the P/S is good) or the motherboard.

    If under warranty, call 1-800-624-9896  if not get a new power supply  1-800-372-3355 is Dell Spare parts

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  • thanks for the help. I took out all the PCI cards like you said, and it still doesnt turn on. Im pretty sure the warranty ran out about a month ago, so it seems im gonna need either a new PS, or a new motherboard.
  • Sounds like the same thing has happened to my 8200.  The ABCD lights in the back panel are not even on.  I do have an amber power light in the front.  Is yours also showing an amber light?
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  • Replace the power supply before trying any other new parts.