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Computer will not boot up, only beeps 6 times


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Computer will not boot up, only beeps 6 times

  • When I turn on my computer the on light comes on, and the computer beeps 6 times.  On the back, the a and c lights are on green, while the b and d lights are on orange.  The Computer will not do anything.  The computer will not load, hard drive light never is active.

    Please help someone

  • The same happens with my XPS.  Mine will start if you press the ON button again after it has finished beeping.  The troubleshooting says that it is the memory for mine (A and B are yellow and C and D are green) but I have checked all the connections and re-seated the memory and it makes no difference.


  • Is there a pattern to the beeps?

    If you're lucky it can be a simple as checking the fit on all of your boards, memory and power connections.  Sometimes these get loose.  You might also switch your mouse and keyboard connectors on the back of the machine.  If you find that it now boots, but you have no mouse, that would indicate a bad keyboard connection.  I'm afraid that much past that and you've exhausted my limited fund of knowledge.


  • kcleve and col_robertson,

    First what is the exact model of your system?

    Kcleve what is the pattern to the beep code as it will tell me more is it something like beep pause beep beep beep pause beep beep or what?

    col_robertson  if the beep codes indicate memory the problem may be a failing memory chip. Test the memory with the Dell customer diagnostics that came with your system to determine if the memory is failing and if it is one or both of the chips.

  • Did all the checks and the system passes OK.  No errors found. Wierd!!