T500-Adding Ram


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T500-Adding Ram

  • I have a Dimension T500 with 128Ram. I would like to know what the part number is for a stick of ram and the aprox cost? Does it pay to jump to 512 or add it 128 at a time? Thanks in advance.
  • Look here.
  • Thanks for the reply. My fingers had just left the keyboard. The info is just what i wanted.
  • Or here;



  • The "Crucial" site's RAM prices are higher than Dell's own prices.
    "Crucial" implies that their prices are high because their quality and
    compatibility are also high. Does anyone have opinion on whether I
    should buy from Crucial vs. Dell?

    I have a 1998 Dimension XPS T500 with 128 MB of RAM, and wd like to upgrade
    to at least 256 MB, preferably more. I have never opened my
    PC up before.