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E151FP Maximum Resoloution??


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E151FP Maximum Resoloution??

  • I've got an E151FP monitor, and believe it has a maximum resoloution of 1024x768@75hz.  I do not have the dell driver installed, and instead use the default WinXP driver because the dell driver won't allow my games to display a refresh rate setting of 75hz, even though the monitor supports it.  Anyway, given that I use the XP driver which does allow higher resoloution settings, what would happen if I increased the resoloution beyond 1024x768?  I've got an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro (retail) graphics card that supports resoloutions much, much higher than this.  Would the image just eventually corrupt on the higher settings, or do I really stand the chance of damaging my monitor?  I'd call Dell and ask them, but we both know what they'd say.  Has anyone tried running a higher resoloution with this monitor?  If so, what happened?  Any advice?   

  • Have you tried posting your question in the Monitor section?  That would be more appropriate for your question.

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  • You are correct that the E151FP monitor has a maximum resolution of 1024x768 as can be found here:
    It is physically impossible for an LCD display to exceed it's maximum resolution and it would serve no purpose to try to.  If you were to attempt it, the likely outcome is that it just wouldn't work but that no harm would be done.