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Dimension 8300 - what is the maximum memory???


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Dimension 8300 - what is the maximum memory???

  • I'm getting a dimension 8300 but am getting conflicting advice on the memory capacity. Most of the website states a max. of 2GB but the technical specifications in the on-line user manual clearly states a max. of 4GB (i.e. 1Gb on each of the 4 sockets). Someone told me this is a misprint, another one said it isn't? What really is the memory capacity??Help!
  • James68,

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    Here are the memory specs for the 8300 system.



    DDR 333 or 400 (non-ECC)

    Memory connectors


    Memory capacities

    128-, 256-, 512-MB, and 1-GB non-ECC

    Minimum memory

    256 MB

    Maximum memory

    4 GB

    BIOS address


  • 1GB memory sticks are not yet available, so while the system will allow 4GB maximum, the practical limitation is 2GB.
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