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Cannot Open Dimension 8250 Case

  • I have just recently received my Dimension 8250. Since I intended to upgrade a DVD writer soon, so I have tried to open the case the see how easy/difficult it is. I pressed the 'top' release button and heard a click sound. Also, the cover on the top side was detached. But when I tried to press the 'bottom' release button, I did not hear or feel any 'click' and cover was still locked. Am I missing any step or is the release mechanism on the bottom side is completed jammed? Anyone knows of any workaround to open the case or should I call Dell for service?

    Thanks in advance.
  • If they''re anything like the 4550 clamshell cases, and from the available documentation, it appears that they are, you won't always get that positive click response when the latch is disengaged, but it might take a bit of muscle to get it open. Another option is to put local pressure on the part of the case that swings up near the stuck release, while actuating same. My 4550 is similarly balky, but it eventually opens, with a bit of finesse + elbow grease.
  • i hav an 8200 and the case opens fine. all the times ive had to open it ive had no trouble. also, ive almost never heard a click.