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intel 810e mother board

  • i have a dimension L800r, intel 810e chipset on my motherboard, the exact motherboard model is:CA810e,  dell put up to 1.1ghz cpus with 100mhz FSB in the Dimension Lxxxxr models, im using 100mhz ram so FSB wont matter,. anyways to the point. does my motherboard support Tualatin processors? or was the 1.1ghz cpu they put in these coppermine, which i find hard to believe since they are SOOOOO RARE. please, only 100% sure answers,
  • No your motherboard won't support the Tualatin processors. You can check to see if powerleap has an adapter to fit your computer.
  • so wait a minuite. powerleap has a tualatin adaptor that i can put in that will let me use tualatin processors in a non- tualatin motherboard? so i could go from 800mhz to 1,400mhz? would i see any peformance increase gamming wise. and lastly wich is better for gamming, a celeron 1.4ghz with 256k l2 cache or a Pentium III 1ghz,i orginally though the Pentium III, until i found out this celeron had 256k of L2 cache