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Whe is the best time to buy a desktop from Dell?


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Whe is the best time to buy a desktop from Dell?

  • When is the best time to buy a desktop from Dell?  Bassically what time of the year will i get the best for my money.  For instance does dell try to get rid of all its merchandise before the new year, or is that different because the build a system specific to your needs.  I'v been researching computer buying for a while, but i'm new with dell, how often do these: get this free, hard drive upgrade, '''''''''' off, free shipping, etc; come around?  Thanx.
  • I've found that Dell perpetually runs a "special" of one kind or the other.  These vary from discounts, rebates, free peripheral devices, free system upgrades, etc. and sometimes, in combination.  What I would advise you to do is spec your system out occasionally and monitor the particular "special" that has the most appeal to you personally.

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    Like Dan says, Dell always has something going on with deals of one sort or other.

    But your wrong to think that prices will drop as new models come out. Dell only buys what they need and have orders for. There is not 'stock' so to speak to clear out.

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  • Buy when you can get the most money off from the specials...they usually come with the free CD-RW/monitor/memory upgrades at the same time. Dell ALWAYS has a special going because it's a very good marketing tool. They figure if someone is wanting to buy a computer and they have a sale going, the customer is more likely to think that he/she should buy now instead of later because he/she can get free stuff and save money.

    If you see how they do their special offers every so often you will notice a pattern. I have noticed with some instances you can get a computer $200-300 dollars less with the same configuration if you just want until you can get the best discount. This still wont lead me to ever buy a dell though hehe, since you can get a better computer for less if you make it yourself.

  • Theres really no ideal time to buy a computer. The "deals" they offer usually work out to be the same total money off if your spec'ing out a high end system. If you want a nice system from Dell, buy it. Thats the bottom line.

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  • The prior post really summarizes it.  The total discount off is almost always the same.  $250ish.  Sometimes it's a rebate and a hard drive upgrade.  Or a discount and free memory upgrade.  Or a burner upgrade and a free printer.

    Keep in mind that some of the discounted/free items have different values in the real world.  For example, while you can upgrade memory cheaply yourself, you cannot go from a 40gb drive to an 80gb drive for $40.  You can buy a 80gb drive for $80 though and have 2 drives totally 120gb.

    And some of the discounted/free items have good value on eBay.  You can sell a free Palm M105 on eBay quite easily, whereas a free Lexmark printer has little value - especially when it comes with only a little ink, and requires a $50+ purchase for new ink.

    Some of the items will have little value to you depending on your circumstances.  If you're buying a 17" monitor with a tube not an LCD, a free upgrade to a higher model LCD monitor will have little value - since you weren't buying an LCD to begin with.

    Best thing is to configure your ideal computer several ways - on the Home Site, on the Small Business Site, and then rerun it the next week (promos seem to end on Wednesday mostly) and see how it shakes out, then wait for what you want and go buy.

    Also - if you read the press and note a big upgrade coming, you know prices will drop soon (maybe).  For instance, Intel is releasing a 3ghz chip in November, so the 2.8 ghz chip will fall in cost - and the bottom chip offered today (2.0ghz) will probably be dropped from Dell's lineup.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Is there really going to be a 3ghz chip coming out.  I havn't heard anything about that.  Do you know when?  Anyways i'd like to thank you and everyone else who has posted, its been a big help.  1 more question; this may sound stupid, but if you get a computer with a cd burner and a dvd drive, do you still get a normal cd drive.  I'm basically asking if i have a cdrw+dvd drive combo, o i need to pay all that extra money to get a normal cd drive in the second bay.  Once again, thank you.
  • Having two CD drives would only be useful for doing a CD to CD copy since you wouldn't need to save the data to your HD first. The only other thing I can think of is if you want to listen to a CD while you're burning a different one. Anyone else have any ideas of the benefit of two are??
  • How much money you got to spend, and what do you want. If you are willing to compromise on a few minor things, including the latest speed or more  drive space then you will ever use, then Dell always has specials, watch for the Hot Deals, usually saving between 200-300 dollars, and the specials, like recently 20 percent off with free shipping.  Also if you work for a company that buys Dell Equipt,, check whether you are an EPP member (Enterprise or Employee Purchase plan) and save an additional 10% percent off. If you are unsure, simply call Dell's EPP line and they will tell you. Check out refurbished site. Also check out DellAuction.com, this is where Dell Finance liquidates returns or sales, some brand new, as well as individuals can sell their equipment.


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  • Free shipping is a must.  And the rebates are great.  But don't skimp on the RAM.  Many people do this and find out the hard way.  256MB is'nt enough for me.  You can save some money by getting a 17'' FlatscreenCRT (not LCD) instead of the desk hog 19 inch.  17'' is so much clearer and you can either save the money or use it for that extra RAM.  Hope this helps.\

    PS I got my $1500 machine for only $1200.

  • ...And now my dimes worth!

    Don't wait to long, with the holidays coming, Dell sells a lot of computers.
    Orders will start to back up, and you might be dissapointed in the shipping date.

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  • True True.
  •    I don't know about the best time of year to buy, but I do believe the best time of the week to buy is on the weekend! I had been pricing systems for the past 8 months, and finally caught a great combination of bonuses which were scheduled to run through Tuesday of the following week. Well, I waited until the weekend to order, and Dell added one more bonus which was good for the weekend only - free shipping! That clinched it for me!
  • GREAT point...its almost the holidays, and I've heard horror stories of shipping dates getting moved back a month or more due to backup. Order it NOW and put it away (after testing for a day or so) and then bring it out when its to be given to someone. It's safe. Some people have waited till December 15th thinking htey had 10 days and been sorrily mistaken. Its not Dell's fault, its just the time of year.


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