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How do I remove the case for an Optiplex GX270?


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How do I remove the case for an Optiplex GX270?

  • My cat took a leak on my computer a while back, and it is starting to smell. It still works fine, but I think there is still some urine in the box itself. I need to remove the case and see if it needs cleaning, but I can't figure out how to. Please help before my house completely stinks.
    Thanks, John
  • Ther are complete instructions in your User Guide (always a good place to look for this sort of thing), but this should give you the general idea: 

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  • The GX270 is a nice system. I have one at work, but it's not in a place where I can easily open it up.

    This is not a simple case of just taking the computer out of the case!
    The power supply and drives and motherboard all come out easily, mostly with plastic levers or handles to unsnap them. The case itself is another story. Take a look at

    I googled "clean cat urine", with the quotes, and came up with 180 hits. The first was at Try something like this. You can also look in your Yellow Pages under Janitorial Supplies. It would be an idea to unplug the computer, and remove the MB, drives and power supply. Take it outside and spray a (very) light mist of this stuff over it. Maybe carefully paint it inside on the sheet metal and plastic. Leave it outside (somewhere sheltered, where any more critters can't get at it) till it's dry -- maybe longer to air it out.

    Good luck.