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How to turn off keyboard's click sound

  • Hi All,

    I have dell latitude CPx, whenever i click any key it gives me a click sound and i dont know how this feature turned on, if i mute the sound then it works fine but when i turn the mute to on mode again i get click sound on pressing any key. Anybody can tell me how to turn this feature off? Many Thanks


  • unleashed,

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    Please post this in the Portables boards for better assistance.

  • Turn off keyboard sounds on page 3 of bios settings.
  • Thanks Billbee,

    But my problem is that my BIOS is not letting me to change any parameters, its only in read mode i cant edit any entry of bios and dont know what is the problem, my bios version is A05, any idea what happened to bios why its not letting me to change any value??


  • unleashed,

    I think you should really post this in the Portables section.