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power supply in Dimension 8300


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power supply in Dimension 8300

  • Hello all,

    Is it possible to replace the pathetic power supply that DELL has put in these computers (250W). The reason why I am asking is that unless you have a power supply of 300W or greater with the Radeon 9700 or 9800 series cards, you will get random reboots.

    I want to buy one but I was thinking of putting in an ANTEC True Blue 480W power supply (just an idea), guaranteed to work with any amount of expansion. They also have lower wattage power supplies too.




  • thewingeek.

    As the D/8300 has a standard ATX PSU,you can replace it with one of larger wattage, you should be able to obtain more information by posting the in the Dimension UpGrade Hardware conference here.




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  • Are you planning on upgrading an 8300 or the XPS in your sig? I ask because you can't upgrade the XPS power supply, it's proprietary. I don't know why they did this when the rest of the recent Dimension PSU's are ATX.

    And yes, those stock ones are definitely pathetic.


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  • Stupid question here...

    What about the power switch on the back of the (for example) Antec True Blue 480W power supply and the front switch on the Dimension 8300?

  • No, I want to get another DELL computer, the Dimension 8300. I just want to know if it is possible to replace the power supply with a better one, so one doesn't get random reboots of the computer due to a lack of voltage going to the video card. :)


    The only thing I am wondering about is the power switch at the back of Antec's or another ATX-style power supplies. The one DELL uses doesn't have it or they took it off...

  • After doing a bit of reading, apparently one can get a power supply to replace the useless one in the DELL Dimension 8300. It is 400W and is available from this site...




    I am getting me one!

    Thanks for the help everyone!


  • no prob...I know of at least one person on here who dremeled a hole in the back of their case to accomidate the button on those PSUs. With PCP&C there's no need.
  • I have a 8300 run,s like a watch have never had it reboot not once , and i play all kinds of games for hours on end . My son plays the same games on a P3 600 with an ATI 9000 Pro and a 200 Watt Power Supply his PC never reboots ether.

    Was just wondering why you think its the Power Supply causing your reboots.

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  • I seriously doubt that's why the PC is rebooting. I ran the 9700pro on the stock PSU for 3+ months and never experienced anything like that.
  • Everyone knows Dell rates their PSs very conservatively. The Dell 250W PS is likely better than the typical 300W PS off the internet. If you're getting random reboots, you may have bad memory or an IRQ conflict.
  • thewingeek.

    Both the vendor and PSU are an excellent choice.

    Good Luck.



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  • I'm getting random reboots.. but once I turned off the reboot option in xp, I get the old bluescreen.  It gives me a "page fault in non paged area" error, which seems to happen when copying data from my dvd-r. 

    I have 3 7200 ide drives, radeon 9800 pro, 2 256 ddr pc3200 chips with 2 512 ddr pc3200 chips.. pretty much maxed out.

    I've run many tests on the ram and all passed.. I've upgraded the bios to a06, upgraded the firmware on the dvd burner.. installed most recent video drivers.. you name it!

    I've reinstalled the os many times to no avail. 

    I really hope upgrading the power supply helps.. otherwise I'm S.O.L.

    I'll post with the results of my upgrade.

  • Well,
    After adding a new power supply.. it seemed to be fixed for a week or two.. but now it's back to blue screen with the page_fault_in_non_paged_area error.
    I've run a hard drive diagnostics utility that I downloaded from seagate (2 of my drives are seagate, the other is maxtor)
    The utility tested the ram and harddrives (pretty exhaustedly I might add)
    The results were integrity issues on the largest partition on ALL THREE HARDDRIVES!
    I severely doubt that they are all bad.. so I wonder if it's an issue with the ide busses themselves!?
    Since my last post, I've noticed that the crash can occur even when the dvd-rw drive is not in use.. but seems to happen when multiple physical disks are writing and/or reading simultaneously.
    has ANYONE had similar problems with 8300 systems!?
    I am running out of ideas here!
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • I would love to hear an answer for this also.
    I've had an 8300 for over a year and it ran like a champ up until a few months ago.  That's when the random reboots started.
    It has the 9800 XT in it, also.
    I've narrowed it down to eliminate any heat problems. (it will do it after turning it on in the morning; I've left the case open, etc)
    Reloaded way too many times, both with the Dell original disk, with newer drivers, etc.
    The main problem is, there is NO blue screen or ANY dump file created. (yes, I have the options all turned on to create them)
    It will reboot at any given time with no warning whatsoever. Even if I turn it on and let it sit without running any apps. Sometimes it will reboot 2 minutes after starting up, sometimes 20 minutes, other times 2 days. It does seem that once it starts it's reboot tantrum, it will continue to do so for the rest of the day.
    Should I replace the power supply?
  • If I remember correctly, my problem turned out to be jumper settings on one of my harddrives.
    may wanna check those out.
    good luck!