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Form Factor of Dimension 4600 motherboards


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Form Factor of Dimension 4600 motherboards

  • hey all,

    i've searched high and low for any info on the dell dimension 4600 mobo and the form factor it is in but haven't found anything.  i want to switch my recently bought dell dimension 4600 (NO C) into a standard ATX case and i was wondering if anyone knows anything that would prevent this from happening(screw holes, usb and front audio, and peripherals) any info would help thanks,

    - legit

  • I've read here before that Dell mobo's are a little different than standard ATX mobo's and you will probably have to do a mod if it will fit at all.
  • The 4600 has a proprietary designed motherboard for the Mitac chassis. It has 12 screws mounting it to teh chassis, and will require extensive modification for it to be mounted in a standard ATX chassis.

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  • spoke too soon...
  • legit.

     Dell motherboards have a proprietary connector for a ribbon cable, that connects to the front panel, power switch, LEDs and USB ports.  The standard ATX case uses Molex style connectors.




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