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Dimension 8200 specs.


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Dimension 8200 specs.

  • Anyone know the wattage of the Dell Dimension 8200 power supply? Also how many PCI slots are open/available? I'm guessing that the video card, sound card, USB 2.0 PCI Card and modem might not leave any slots available. Anybody?


  • I found the online documentation.

    250 Watt power supply

    4 PCI slots which means none are open on the configuration I was looking at.

    Placement of Dell-Installed Cards
    Card Connector Card Description
    AGP connector Video
    PCI1 connector Sound
    PCI2 connector Modem
    PCI3 connector Network adapter, wireless network adapter, or swap box
    PCI4 connector 1394 FireWire

  • 250 watt power supply is actually 345 watts dell underrates it's power supply

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