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reformat and reload 4400 software help


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reformat and reload 4400 software help

  • My dimension with XP is all screwed up, the restore doesn't even fix it. Can anyone out there tell me how to reformat my computer, and reload all the initial software on my system. I just bought the computer 1 month ago and I am very frustrated. I formatted my old system with windows 98 and that wasn't bad but there are so many drivers etc on this system, I just want to make sure I can get it back to normal.

    Thank you very much

  • Hi, psimon1973.

    See if these documents will help you reinstall Windows XP and drivers. >>>



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  • Find your cd called Drivers and Utilities Dell Resource Cd put it in the top drive reboot the system when you see the dell logo hit control , alt F8 all together you get the boot menu go to cdrom
    then you get a d: or e:\csd prompt
    type "cd.."
    then " cd hddutil
    then cd clean
    then clean1k
    the hit the letter Y twice
    take out the cd put in the reinstall XP cd reboot the system XP will start the setup just hit enter all the way through it

  • That's a shame, there's no excuse for that with a 1 month old pc. Are you within your 30 day period to return it? I'd just get a new one if it were me. Maybe you can get a technician to come out and reload / do a clean install. You shouldn't have to do all that yourself, if something goes wrong Dell might blame you. If you're having all these problems after a month, what will it be a year from now? Demand a new pc. Don't be deterred, keep going up the chain of command.

    PS: Bev, Nashville sorry about the cut it wasn't intentional

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