Is it safe to lay my tower computer on its side?


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Is it safe to lay my tower computer on its side?

  • I have a Dell 4100 and am trying to figure out if it's ok to lay it on its side while it is operating (basically, 24/7). Does this harm the computer at all?


  • I wouldn't because IDE cables and power connectors may come in contact with the fan. Also cards may come loose.


    Dimension 4100
    Pentium III - 933mhz
    40GB 7200rpm HD (master)
    20GB 5400rpm HD (slave)
    512 RAM
    24x CD/DVD-ROM
    32/10/24 VeloCD TDK CD-RW
  • It's not really recommanded, but if you do, lay it on it's right side, as it would be less harmful than on the left side.

  • As soon as everything is attached firmly (cards cables fans etc.) you may lay it upside down if you want (it wouldn't affect anyhting - maybe just CD-ROM :) )

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    Devil Woman

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    dimension 8100 256mb PC800RDRAM 40GB UltraATA Hard Drive Windows XP................thank you very much
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    First of all, WHY would you want to lay your PC tower on its side??

    I also have a 4100, and unless you're trying to conserve space or something, I would leave it upright, as that's why Dell made it that way.

    Any MORE questions?