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Multimedia Enhanced PS/2 Keyborad (RT7D30)


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Multimedia Enhanced PS/2 Keyborad (RT7D30)

  • I have a Multimedia Enhanced keyboard, part number on bottom is RT7D30. I need the drivers for this unit and to know why my function keys do not work properly. (IE: F3 does not repeat last command in command prompt window, CTRL+A does not allow select all feature, ALT+Print Screen does not print the active screen.) Is this a function of the incorrect drivers or something with in the XP OS?
  • bantek,

    Try this:

    Install the Dell Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard Application -

    * Insert the Drivers and Utilities CD in the CD drive
    * Click the OK button
    * Click the Next button
    * Click the Finish button
    * Remove the CD
    * Click Start- Shutdown- Restart- OK or Click Start- Turn Off Computer- Restart
    * Re- insert the Drivers and Utilities CD in the CD drive
    * Click the Next button
    * Click to select your Dimension from the System Model menu
    * Click to select Windows XP from the Operating System menu
    * Click to select Applications from the Topic menu
    * Click to select Dell Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard under Keyboard Applications
    * Scroll down then click the Extract button
    The Input: Dell Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard Application window appears
    * Click the Continue button
    The message Select the folder where you want to unzip the files to appears
    * Click the OK button
    A message appears asking if you want to create the folder
    NOTE: If a message appears asking to overwrite the folder, click the Yes to All button
    * Click the Yes button
    The message All files were successfully unzipped appears
    * Click the OK button
    The Readme.htm window appears
    * Click the Install Now button
    The message Would you like to open the file or save it to your computer? appears
    * Click the Open button
    The Volume Control window appears
    * Close all open windows
  • I do not have the drivers / application on a CD. Please provide a link.
  • bantek,

    Was the keyboard purchased with a system or as a stand alone item?
  • As a stand-alone unit.
  • bantek,

    This picture shows a CD. Click View Larger Image
  • I don't have a CD to look at. I need to be able to download the drivers and application from the Dell site. I have been unable to locate the page that will give me those files.
  • bantek,

    If you still need that driver - you can use the driver for keyboard RT7D00 - I am using it with my new keyboard RT7D30 and everything works. You can find that driver on  if you are looking for drivers for a Dimension 4550. This is how I found the driver I am using.

  • I tried loading those drivers; however, it does not allow my hot keys to work.

    Ultimately, I am trying to figure out why my function keys do not work. I am unsure if it is the keyboard drivers or something within XP.

  • I have Windows XP Professional and keyboard RT7D30 working with the driver for RT7D00 and everything is ok...