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how to set my computer back a few days?

  • where do I go to set my computer back 4 days,I have windows ME.thanks
    Also if I set my computer back will this erase a program I down loaded a few days ago,and 2 is it the same as doing it the add remove route? thanks again

  • In order to back, you must have created a restoration point back then. and run system restore. It is supposed to erase that program. If the program messes up some driver or system file, it will restore that. Unlike add/remove, every trace (almost) is trmove include any think that uninstal dosen't remove.

  • System restore is good although is my least favoritve toy it hasen't worked ever since i reinstalled windows me and unreinstalled it (because every 5 seconds explorer caused an error in unknown). I will run the program an absolutele nothing happens (same with system information now).Also help keeps complaing about missing files. Well, I Help (only windows help) doesn't work either, althese files are missing. I reinstalled the helpfile (exe's,dll's) still nothing. So remeber, don't reinstal windows Me unless you really need to !! (I refuse to do a clean instal! !)