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RT7D40 drivers

  • I simply need a driver for the RT7D40 keyboard(the one with the volume knob). The thing is, I am trying to use it with a mouse other than the one it came with and I need a seperate driver for the keyboard itself. The keyboard works for the most part, the volume knob, and some of the quick keys, but I would like to configure the rest of the quick keys to work for me. I have windows xp on a dell dimension 8200 system. I tried downloading all other iTouch drivers and none seem to match up to this keyboard...any help appreciated...
  • I'm looking for the same drivers.  If I use the Itouch drivers from Logitech, some of the hotkeys don't work.


  • I found the solution, simply uninstall all logitech software(for the keyboard anyway). You must use the original mouse that came with the keyboard, it isn't compatible with any other mouse. Just uninstall the software, restart, and all the hotkeys will work...so simple...
  • Thanks.  Everything is working.  Too bad we can't use the itouch drivers with the fancy on-screen displays.

    oh well.


  • Try this for on-screen display.. actually I like it..

    float's Media Control 1.5 : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=71167&package_id=75532&release_id=227631

  • Give up...
    they never get the drivers straight when they offer new keyboards...
    I had a recent one (RT7D30) which I never found the correct drivers for...
    Tried about 10 different ones...

    Now I've got the wireless set - (RT7D40 keyboard) and they don't have the proper drivers for this one either...
    This is my only complaint about Dell...
    The keyboard drivers are never right.
  • has anyone found the driver for this keyboard yet? I am get a lag from the time I type to when the words show up on screen...it is a slight lag but noticeable...i am a real quick typer.

    What can i do?
  • I bought the Dell wireless keyboard RT7D40 with 4600C desktop.  I also have an older inspiron 4100. Tried to use keyboard with laptop and can't do it. Where can I find driver, I tried searching through CD's which came with 4600 C desktop but drivers are not there.
  • I would suggest getting the latest version of Microsoft PowerToys for XP.
    The "Tweak UI" one has a setting under "Explorer / Command Keys" that will set all the keys at the top of the keyboard (Yes, even the volume knob and the keys around it) to work with XP and Windows Media Player. If you get the latest version of Winamp, that also has settings for the keys on OUR keyboard...
    They work, too - perfectly, I might add... even when another application has focus on your desktop, those keys will control WMP or Winamp without a problem.
    The link for MS PowerToys is here, and the link for the latest version of Winamp is here.

    If those links don't show up for some reason, you can just copy and paste these:

    Winamp: http://download.nullsoft.com/winamp/client/winamp505_pro.exe

  • I think the whole issue with the RT7D40 wireless keyboards is ridiculous!

    We ordered 3 new computers for the office with the above mentioned keyboard. After looking in the CDs that came with the computer for the drivers or some sort of software that would solve our problem I decided to just call customer support. After I spent about 10-12 minutes being on hold just to talk to somebody , about 50 minutes later, the polite gentlemen on the phone still hasn't offer me anything even close to a solution..

    It infuriates me that the sales rep. from Dell convinced me to buy a product that is supposed to be oh so great and then when it really comes down to getting something out of it, the most basic thing, such as the drivers, is missing or simply not provided by the manufacturer...

    To my surprise, I am very disappointed by the lack of attention to detail on Dell's part. This is probably the last time we're doing business with Dell.




  • I've downloaded Tweak UI, and I can see how I can assign the keys, but when I try the hotkeys won't give a function. Any idea how to help.

    I've reinstalled my keyboard about 6 times, but no banana yet.

  • My experience with Dell is that the products, monitor, keyboard, start failing promptly after 3 years.  When u try to ask dell support to help troubleshoot their answer is ,  "get another one."


    Its really terrible.

  • I also have the same keyboard. Tried this driver r89506 and it did not work. Anyone find the driver?

  • This did the trick and got everything working EXCEPT for volume which is what I need most