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Inspiron 5675, Ryzen 7, Dual AMD Radeon RX580, PSU upgrade?


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Inspiron 5675, Ryzen 7, Dual AMD Radeon RX580, PSU upgrade?

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I've searched everywhere, and cannot find a cohesive answer on how to go about upgrading the Inspiron gaming desktop that comes with the the Ryzen 7 1700, and the Radeon RX580. The advertising shows this to be easily upgraded by adding another GPU. However, the current power supply only has one 6 pin capable of plugging into another GPU.

Will the 460 watt power supply handle two? If not, upgrades? Do I have to purchase the refurbished (only thing avail via chat sales) 850w Bronze power supply? Will aftermarket units from EVGA or similar fit in the case? Work with the motherboard plus (I've seen someone from Dell claim that its proprietary, yet chat said after parts can be used).

I would think there would be some sort of info on the website, explaining the upgrade. It's the main reason I purchased this computer today at Best buy. Two PCIe x16 slots. Please advise! Thanks!

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  • Motherboard 24 pin hooks right up, but no I dont know anything about the troubleshooting lights.  Yes, the DVD is a 2 wire.. easy enough to rewire... and no, not the G2.. G3 is the compact version.

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  • The Inspiron 5675 sold with three PSU options =
    300w, 460w, 850w

    What is confusing to me is that we only sell the AMD Ryzen CPU systems with the 850w PSU. So how did Best Buy get one with a 460w PSU? That doesn't make sense. If you want to run dual Dual AMD Radeon RX580, you should install the Dell 850w PSU, part number N1WJD or 48Y6D. Call Dell Spare Parts 1-800-357-3355 and ask for price and availability of the Dell part number. Dell cannot speak to non-tested retail PSU.

  • Thank you Chris..

    The issue is that Dell parts sales only has refurbished power supplies to sell me for $234. I dont mind the price for a good unit, but these only come with a 90 day warranty. My only other option to stick with dell is ebay used units, most of which are missing their cables.. or again, used with no warranty.

    With a lack of available choices... it makes after market one of the only viable options.

    Also.. why doesn't dell offer any information/support on their gaming computers and this option?

    they are advertising the fact that this computer can take 2 GPU's (its the main reason I bought this model)... but no info beyond that in the manual or website. Not even a youtube video..  there is literally no information on "how" to use the dual option they advertise, or what is required. Some graphics cards will not fit... It appears only the OEM style gpu will fit? I assume they want you to buy the oem style rx 580 but they dont sell them on the website in the video card section.

    Thoughts? Sorry if this sounds like a rant!! haha.. just trying to find the info on how to get this computer rigged up correctly. Thanks!

  • We let gamers do it on their own. Even on the high end Alienware desktops. Yes, we offer validated hardware components, but gamers are willfull and independent and have a DIY (do it yourself) mindset. Most gamers tend to simply remove our PSU and test retail PSU. Same with video cards. They just do it and post their results on the Forum.

    If Best Buy sold me a system with an incorrect PSU installed, I would have taken it back for refund. Then purchased one directly from Dell knowing it will have the 850w PSU already installed.

  • I hear you... but even on Dell's website, if I order this computer, it comes standard with the 460W.. not a 850W.

    According to all reading here and even chat, the 460W power supply is standard for the ryzen 7 1700 5675 inspiron gaming computer. That is what it came with. There are 2 6 pin plugs for the pci e slots. Its not the wrong PSU.. its what is shipping in these Dell computers.

    I will say, no offense, it amazes me that dell wont spend 5 minutes on a basic video that says "hey, this is what you need to upgrade your system to the 2 gpu's we show in the advertising..". I have had to do similar videos for the products we manufacture, so I do understand. Not even a link to a blog post or some such on the product page?

    Thanks for the info though!

  • The issue with Dell 850w PSU,DELTA N1WJD is that its modular and has many cables.

    I do not believe the 460W is this way.


    QtyPart #Description
    1 MD63V ASSY PCIE Power Cable, 8 Pin, (850 Watt, For Alienware Aurora R5)
    1 JX68G ASSY 2nd GFX PCIE Cable, (850 Watt, For Alienware Aurora R5)
    1 GP6MV ASSY CPU Power Cable, 4 Pin, (850 Watt, For Alienware Aurora R5)
    1 G2GX9 ASSY HD+HD Power Cable, (850 Watt, For Alienware Aurora R5)
    1 G9Y40 ASSY 1st GFX PCIE Cable, (850 Watt, For Alienware Aurora R5)
    1 654MT ASSY Main Power Cable, 24 Pin, (850 Watt, For Alienware Aurora R5)
    1 4NT8R ASSY HD+ODD Power Cable, (850 Watt, For Alienware Aurora R5)



    AREA 51 power supply



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  • Why even put the 460 in? Seriously take the time and put in a 850w, instead of reusing old Alienware Aurora 460w units. And why should we have to pay extra for a correct PSU? The two biggest problems with the 5675, the psu is garbage, sorry it is, it's not even 80 Plus, and the bios is locked down so hard you have to jump through many MANY hoops to get it beyond stock setting, and to the 3.8Ghz, or the OC the units that have the 1700X and 1800x state. We get Dell, builds these to order, but when promoting upgradeablity, we should be given some headroom. This IS a fine piece of kit, but the extra stuff you need to do to get it to full potential is EXTREMELY taxing, and is why PC gamers say "just build it yourself". Those are my only gripes with my system.

  • I agree... I bought the system to "upgrade" because it was the only system advertised in the Best Buy store as having that easy ability (for a noob).. only to find a wall put up by Dell. No real support.. No added information.. not even a blurb on the website on how to upgrade, where to buy the parts needed to upgrade, etc.... since it is not "easy" as their ad video suggests.

    No offense to the Dell folks personally.. those that responded here & such.. but from person to person, you get a different answer. Sales chat wants to sell me a refurb power supply for $234... fella on here tells me to return the unit to Best Buy because it came with wrong power supply... Dell Website says the opposite, that 460 is standard.

    I dont understand the simple and easy marketing solution of having a "here's the upgrade parts" tab on the product page. It'd take an sales rep 5 minutes to write a blog post on whats needed and where on the site to buy it. Jeez..

  • I also just purchased a 5675 from Best Buy with an AMD 1800X and it comes with the 460 PSU.  It looks like a standard power supply can be mounted in place of the existing one.  I would suggest getting a replacement power supply from a store/site that has a return policy.  This way if for some reason a standard psu doesn't fit you can return it.   Also...please let us know by posting here if the replacement fit or any issues encountered as sooner or later I want to also replace the psu with a better model.

  • Hello

    I purchased this Dell PC at Best Buy being told that PSU is 850 W. I just run diagnostic software and the power supply is only 460 W. In the manual it states 850 W (only with computers shipped with AMD Ryzen 3/Ryzen 5/Ryzen 7 Mine has AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor. I purchased this system with believing it has PSU of 850W because I plan to add additional drive, SSD drive and additional graphic card of the same value that came installed in the unit. Cannot blame Best Buy, they read the wolts from the manual. I can not return the PC back to Best Buy, return policy is 15 days. Just few days short. Do I get a free 850 W power supply by mail since being still under warranty?  Purchasing it from Dell? That would be $225.00.  Paid for the desktop close to $1200. What would you advise me to do? PLEASE-at least few links to third party PSU's that are compatible. Not possibly compatible but for sure..Thanks in advance.

  • A EVGA 750, which technically measures the same size, does not fit "correctly"... it will fit in the case, but it will not line up for screws as dell moved their plug location in their proprietary PSU.

    The Dell cable on their PSU has a unique plug (not small SATA) for the DVD drive as well. EVGA cables work on everything else.

    Its a bait and switch... putting a 460w in a computer advertised to be able to game on with two graphics cards...

  • Strange...thanks for the info!

    Bad news indeed.  I'm wondering if the Corsair 750 will fit as it has the on/off switch below the power plug in the location where the status lights are on the stock 460?  Take a look at the pictures of it on Newegg :

    CORSAIR CS-M Series CS750M 750W 80 PLUS GOLD Active PFC Haswell Ready ATX12V & EPS12V Semi Modular Power Supply

    I don't know if not having the power lights that blink for troubleshooting will be an issue.  

    Also, do you think the unique dvd drive plug could be cut and then re-attached to one of the Corsair cables to work?

  • I just put the EVGA 750 in, rewired the 2 wire power plug for the DVD drive, and didn't worry about screwing in the psu.. its not going anywhere!! haha..

    Then it runs 2 rx 580's just fine.. no problems whatever. You jsut have to forget "dell" and any solutions they have, like buying their refurbished power supply (that was supposed to be in the machine from the get go) for $234 and methodically replace what parts you need.

    It is a smaller psu.. 750 P and G2 series I think.. are small enough to fit and run two rx 580's (or whatever you are running..)

  • Thanks for the info Strange1911.  Good info.  I'm thinking double sided tape can hold the power supply down to the chassis.  

    Am I right assuming this means the motherboard power connector is standard and that we also don't have to worry about the OEM power supplies troubleshooting lights?  Also - did you just cut and then attach the DVD drive 2 wire plug to the EVGA supply by cutting one of the EVGA power leeds?

    Finally ... if you can confirm the EVGA model is the 750P G2 as I am looking to buy a supply to upgrade.


  • Motherboard 24 pin hooks right up, but no I dont know anything about the troubleshooting lights.  Yes, the DVD is a 2 wire.. easy enough to rewire... and no, not the G2.. G3 is the compact version.