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Final check before buying - Zotac or MSI 1050 for Inspiron 3650


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Final check before buying - Zotac or MSI 1050 for Inspiron 3650

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Like to have feedback from those who have installed either Zotac 1050 ti mini or MSI 1050 Ti in your Inspiron 3650.

No need for external power supply, i.e., the PSU 240W is sufficient for the card?

I have seen a few videos on the cards but not 100% sure whether they installed the external power or not.


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  • Like to share my finding for Inspiron 3650 users here.

    Bought a Zotac 1050 TI mini despite the compatibility uncertainties (power, Pascal bios). Installed and got a blank screen! Replaced with original 730 card. Checked with Dell support and Zotac.

    Updated the GeForce driver, bios, etc.

    Reinstalled the card and ***, got it to work.

    My driver was 385.69, updated it to 387.92. Replaced the card, found the driver was 384.94 (think by default after installation, it will use the driver in the card, rather than the one on the HD).

    With LG supplied HDMI cable, I can get only 30 Hz. Replaced it with the DP cable, now getting 60 Hz,

    Finally, it is running. Picture quality is better, cleaner, smoother, clearer.

    1050 card is not in Dell's checked graphic card list for Inspiron 3650. Really wish that Dell will update the compatibility lists for all their PCs/laptops, at least annually. That will save Dell users the hassle I have gone through, even though I have consulted Dell on this change.


  • Yeah no need for ATX12V 4-pin or EPS 12v 8-pin however with a power supply like that the power supply will run pretty hot I did this upgrade to a Optiplex 780 with a 300w power supply and the power supply is real hot. Minimum requirement for the 1050ti is 300w power supply


    I do not work for dell. I am also a user.

  • Ignore my post that was for a different thread


    I do not work for dell. I am also a user.

  • After using the new card for 5 days, like to throw in a warning.

    My PC has hung 4 times since the change. Don't know why. My suspects are limited 240W power or over heating. Now doing tests to determine the cause.

    Note that with the card, though it can fit in the casing, it actually divides the casing into 2 compartments (Dell casing has one side which can be folded in and out, and this leaves very little room when folded in). The top compartment has the exhaust fan (where CPU is) while no ventilation in the bottom compartment (where the graphic card is).

    Have checked the web for blower and suction fans. If you know of any good ones, please share with me.

    This card change has opened my eyes to Dell design. Their design is very tight, leaving little room for changes later. I did not know I would be changing the card when I bought my Inspiron last year. I did not pick the mini version and yet I am having problems now.

    And the small 240 W PSU.

    Maybe it is their business strategy to have a tight design philosophy for different market segments (office, home, gaming etc ).

    In summary, before you buy a new card to replace, check:

    * PSU has enough power

    * enough space in the casing to put in the card and with some room for air flow

    * BIOS supports the card

    * ???

    and good luck! Hope yours is just a plug and play!