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Dell Inspiron 3650 Overheating Can I replace fan?


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Dell Inspiron 3650 Overheating Can I replace fan?

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My Inspiron 3650 i7 PC is constantly shooting over 70 degrees celsius with just moderate usage for 60-70% CPU. Sometimes it goes towards 80 degrees. I feel like it shouldn't be going into the 70s that easily.. Are there any alternative CPU heatsinks and fans that is compatible with this PC? Or are there other solutions?

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  • You can't change the heatsink without also changing the mounting bracket - and a standard bracket and heatsink likely won't fit the mounting holes in the board, which are not in standard locations.

    If you change the fan, the most common result is a "fan failed" error with each bootup.

  • So is it normal to have above 70 degrees temperature with this PC? Is it bad and will it cause my cpu to fry? How can I reduce the temperature? I have dusted it already and place it in a decently open area with cool room temperature but it seems to heat up really fast. Is it possible to install additional fans?

  • There's nothing wrong with that CPU temperature - it's well within the safety margin.  That said, the biggest issue is that the chassis is small and the ventilation is poor.

  • However I'm running my PC 24/7 at 70~80 degrees. I've searched many suggested temperatures and no one seems to be even over 70. I'm worried this will kill my CPU fast due to long period of nonstop use and high temperature

  • Are all fans clean and working? Reboot and immediately press F12. Go to the menu and run the fan diagnostics.

    Use some canned air to clean out dust bunnies from motherboard, heat sink, etc.

    Do you need to remove heat sink, clean both surfaces and apply thin coat of fresh thermal paste, eg Arctic Silver...?

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