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XPS8700 One Beep at Power ON

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Newly received dell XPS8700 with Win8.....from the very 1st time I Powered it on out of the Box it has made ONE BEEP within seconds after I press the Power Button to turn it on.

Those that have this Model, does your make a ONE BEEP at Power On?

If so, what does this mean or not mean?

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  • I received my XPS 8700 on the 12 of Aug and upon firing it I heard the one beep also. As I watched the screen  and all the glory of a brand new computer coming to life I didn't think nothing about the one beep. After setting up and installing stuff, especially windows updates in which the computer has to restart I keep hearing the one beep on start...still everything was fine. Out of curiosity I called Dell and mentioned  this one beep on startup and was told that it was a normal occurrence. All is good! Enjoy!


    XPS 8700,  Windows 8.1, Intel Core i7 4770 @ 3.40GHz

    16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3

     DELL S2340T 10 point multi-touch screen

     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645

    2 x1TB HDD's Raid 1

    2 Optical drives: PLDS DVD+-RW DH-16AES & ATAPI iHAS124 D

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  • yes, i got the same beep, i think it's normal, my old desktop makes the same sound when turned on.

  • Hi

    One Beep during system startup indicates the POST (Power-On Self-Test) is completed and the system is ready to boot.

    If the system does not boot and gives 1 beep during the POST with a blinking yellow power button, then the problem is with the system BIOS corruption or ROM error.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nikhil D

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  • Nikhil D.....


    Hope you will see this reply very soon....


    My XPS8700 is packed waiting for UPS to Pick it up to return to Dell for a REFUND.  I contacted Dell Tech Support yesterday and presented this issue to them.  They advised the ONE BEEP after pressing the Power Button indicated a bad SystemBoard....most likely the BOIS....and would need the Motherboard replaced.  I was not going to have a brand new desktop disassembled to remove and replace the Motherboard and contacted dell Customer Service to arrange for a No-Hassle 30 day Return....and choose not to have a replacement sent.  To me getting a new PC and finding out its Motherboard\Bois was defective was a total disappointment and did not want a replacement.

    When chatting with Dells tech support agent when he advised the ONE beep was advising the Motherboard needed to be replaced...I pushed back and was transferred to his manager.  The Manger confirmed that my XPS8700 needed to have the Motherboard replaced.  I made it perfectly read to both the 1st level tech and his manager, that after I heard the Beep, which I heard from the 1st time I ever Powered on the XPS8700...that the PC booted to Windows8 just fine.  The one thing I don't know, and my XPS is now sealed in the shipping Box awaiting UPS to pick it up....is....was the Power Light Blinking yellow after the beep....but I don't think that is an issue since after the One Beep the XPS8700 Booted fine to Windows8.

    Could it be that the Dell Chat Tech Agent and his Manager have thru their lack of Knowledge and training loss a Sale for Dell?

  • wow, that sounds like a critical issue.. I thought it is normal to hear the beep when press the power button to boot the computer.......Can someone from Dell clarify this issue that it is normal or need to be fixed ~ Thank you  ~!

  • I received the same answer from chat support to my issue that my brand new XPS 8700 wouldn't come out of sleep when I pushed to power button: that I needed a new motherboard. This seems to be the stock answer. That, plus, the part is back ordered two weeks, tells me either they had a bad bunch of motherboards or that's the only answer they know how to give.

  • Nikhil D.....  This is urgent as UPS will be picking up my XPS8700 within the next 2 hours to return it to DELL for a Refund.  Is there away to contact you direct?  Can you provide the bulletin or article that shows the ONE BEEP at Power on....and then Boots to Win8 is the Normal Startup for the XPS8700?  As I wrote, your Dell Chat Manager says its normal and signals the need for Motherboard replacement.  Dell Customer Service has put in in a call with Dell Tech Support.  The Tech agent has reviewed the Tech Manual for the XPS8700  has advised the XPS8700 should NOT sound any BEEPS...and the fact it is giving off one beep....even though it still boots to Windows...is notifying you that there is an issue with the Motherboard and needs to be replaced.  The XPS8700 will be returned

  • Dell is not the Dell I knew when I purchased my last Dell PC 5 years ago.  I chatted with 2 Tech Support agents, one was a Manager, and 2 by phone, one was a Supr....and 1 Agent who replied to this Post....   Now, given the issue...there can only be ONE right answer.  Of the 5 Dell Tech Support Agents, 3 said the Motherboard needed to be replaced, the other 2 said it was normal to hear One Beep and Boot to Windows.  If all Support agents are trained by Dell, and, if all agents have the same Data Base\Resources available to them....why should a customer be given differing answers.  

    I could not hold on any longer to get what would probably be even more differing responses because the 30 Day No Hassle period was closing in.  The XPS8700 has been returned for a Refund.........

  • This is rather disheartening news because I was just going to order a new XPS 8700. But over the last few days I've now read on about four different forums that mentioned bad motherboards being installed.... can anyone either confirm or deny this?

    I'm not positive but I think the XPS 8700 Special Edition uses a different motherboard than what is installed on the regular XPS 8700....   Are bad motherboards being detected on both?  Not too sure now that I want to make this purchase.

  • Can someone from Dell clarify this issue for us (existing customers) and potential buyers? Thank you !

  • I have now Posted several Reponses to you......without a reply.  Can you provide the articles that supports your opinion that ONE BEEP and Boots to Windows is the Normal Startup for the XPS8700...as opposed to what I have been told by 3 other Dell Tech support Agents...that it means the Motherboard needs to be replaced.  In my case after the One beep the XPS8700 did boot to Windows8...  I was clear to inform the Agents it Booted fine to Windows, they replied it did not matter...One Beep=Bad Motherboard.  The Tech article or Bulletin is needed to support the RIGHT answer....   It is too late for me because being told by 3 tech Agents, a 1st Level Tech, a Supr and a Manager....I returned my XPS8700 under the 30 Day Return period....no way I wanted a New PC to be disassembled to replace a MB.

  • Hello

    I just purchased and installed a new Dell XPS 8700 and it beeps once at every boot, including the first boot when I started the pc.

    I updated the BIOS from version A02 to A03 and it still beeps once at boot.

    According to this forum thread one beep is normal and indicates a successful POST completion.

    However, several Dell support pages state that a single beep at boot indicates a "Possible motherboard failure - BIOS ROM checksum failure".  Other forums indicate users calling Dell Support stating one beep is a mother board failure.

    So which is it? a failure? or a normal POST completion?

    I am going to all Dell Support on Monday and see what they say.





  • There is some confusion as to the beep codes that Dell use and others.

    A quick Google search found conflicting answers.

    On mu current and past Dell PCs I have always had a single beep on boot and was assured that it was a POST beep.

    These two links proves my point. Note that in the first Dell link it says repetitive short beeps.



    Alienware Aurora-R4
    Win7 Home Premium

  • Again I will write; I had the XPS8700.....its been RETURNED for a full Refund.  I own a Dell Dimension 8200, Dell XPS420 and a Dell XPS8300....none of these desktops make a Beep on Power On. After speaking with a Dell Chat Agent and 2 dell Agents by Phone, all 3 advising the beep indicated a MB issue....and all 3 wanted to setup a Service call to replace the MB....I decided I did not want to keep a PC that didn't make it to 30 days olds before it was going to be disassembled to replace the MB.  I really made up my mind was when the Agent I spoke by phone with did research....and confirmed a bad MB, and he transferred me to his Supr to rate his service, and without doing any research that Supr said the beep was normal....I decided there was a definite issue with the knowledge of the Dell Tech Agents.....there could only be one correct answer....and these agents were incapable of providing me with that correct answer.  I also read other POSTS were other users were reporting this issue and were waiting for the New MB because they were back ordered...which made me think....that might support Bad MB for the XPS8700...why else would be having issues having them available.


    Would be real nice if a XPS8700 Owner who had this ONE BEEP issue, and, let Dell replace their MB....if they would reply to this Post letting us know if the after the replacement the Beep went away or continued....because my experience lead me to feel I was not going to get a correct answer from dell Support. 


    I have been buying Dell PC's since the early 1980's and I have never been as disappointed with a dell purchase as this one......I do hope Michael Dell gets his Company back to a Company I might be able to trust going forward....because right now, I wouldn't buy a Dell PC.   





  • I detailed my experience in a previous post a few months ago. My problem was that my desktop PC wouldn't come out of sleep despite anything I could figure out that I did and my computer completely crashed after I loaded Microsoft Office Suite 2007. I contacted tech support about the sleep issue and while waiting the two predicted weeks for the motherboard to come in, I did my own troubleshooting.

    It turned out that the sleep thing was my older laser printer and the wrong printer driver I installed-which I accidentally discovered while trying to wake my PC-I turned off my printer and my PC booted right back up. When the PC crashed, I ran diagnostics and nothing was found to be wrong. I reset my computer back to its default settings and added my programs and files back in a little a time (with the exception of Office 2007-a little nervous about that one) and haven't had a single problem since then. It still beeps on boot up, but I think that's not an indication of anything wrong. 

    I have to say that I think the India tech support staff must get paid extra for suggesting that the motherboard be replaced because they were fairly insistent that it needed to be done, even after I told them I didn't want to do it. I know that they did absolutely no troubleshooting or even much questioning before they were suggesting a motherboard switch. It's not the experience I've had in a very long history with Dell computers-not that I've had a lot of technical issues but when I did, there was a systematic set of questions they'd go through to determine problems and none of that was done in this case. It was almost immediately "we need to replace your motherboard." 

    I also must say, I love this XPS8700. It boots in 10 seconds and is really fast. I still hate the Windows 8 app screen interface, however, but you can get to the desktop and pretend it's not there for the most part.

  • Even more perplexing.....Dell replaced your Motherboard and with the new MB and it still Powers On with One beep.....Correct?

    After the Install did you question the repairer....I mean he was there to replace what Dell support advised was a bad Motherboard because it made the One Beep....and after he put the New MB in it still powered on with One beep?  What explanation did the repairer or....and if....you re-contacted dell Support...what did each say?

    I for one returned my XPS8700 because I did not want my brand New XPS8700 PC torn apart and put back together by a Tech that probably had never worked on an XPS8700....how did that go for you?  Did you truly feel the tech put everything back like it was when built at the factory.....?