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Difference between Optiplex 745, 755 and 760 SFF

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I recently bought my parents' a refurbished Optiplex 760 (small form factor) from MIcrocenter.  I am thinking about picking up another small form factor Optiplex from Microcenter for myself to use as a home theater PC, unfortunately there are not any more 760s available from Microcenter.  There are many SFF 745 and 755s with Intel Core 2 Duos and Windows 7.  I am planning to add some RAM, upgrading to 64bit windows 7 and add a mid-grade PCIe graphics card. 

Looking online it appears there are just minor differences in motherboard features (I think the 760 supports hardware virtualization?)

What is the difference between the 745, 755 and 760?  Is it worth it to wait for another 760 to appear on Microcenter (or get it from another supplier)?  

Thank you!

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