All-in-One stand question for Optiplex 790 Usff; what's this connector for??


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All-in-One stand question for Optiplex 790 Usff; what's this connector for??

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This is my first experience with the AIO Stand and Small form factor optiplex.  I have put the stand and cpu together, mounted it and a wide screen monitor to the stand, and it's all running, but I have a few questions about what gets plugged in where.

The diagram they send is so small there's no way to really differentiate the various connectors unless I use a magnifying glass on the sheet!  I figure most all the connections out, except for one.  There is a flat connector, similar to, but bigger than USB, that is attached to the Stand, but I only see one end of it, and I can't figure out what it does.    Where does that get plugged into?  I plugged it into a port on the CPU that it fits in, but I'm thinking it's not video, because my monitor is VGA, so I plugged into that.

Is there a PDF or some verbose info on this stand and how to install it?


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    USFF does not support Dual Displays unless the INTEL HD 2000 does and there are no expansion slots.

    You would need a displayport to vga adapter to try dual vga.  There are many many many issues with DVI and VGA with intel video including but not limited to

    monitors not waking from sleep and monitors not being dual aka mirrored instead of dual display.

    There is no SPLITTER. This is NOT DMS59 video.

    If you need dual DVI you could use a USB to DVI and a Displayport to DVI adapter.

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