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Converting PCIe slot to PCI-X??


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Converting PCIe slot to PCI-X??

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I need to install a Digidesign Accel PCI-X Card but only have a PCIe slot available in my XPS 8100.  I found something called risers online that are supposed to convert a PCIe slot to PCI-X.  Will this work seemlessly with an XPS? If not, are there any other options to get another PCI-X slot without replacing the Motherboard?



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  • PCI-X is the older standard and not available.  There are PCI X1 to 32 bit 33mhz PCI adapters but they are far from working seemlessly if they work at all.   They only support LOW Profile PCI cards.

    StarTech PCI Express to PCI Adapter Card Model PEX1PCI1

    Many want to use these adapters to use 20 year old PCI cards.

    They do not work because Older PCI 2.0 and PCI 2.2 cards DO NOT SUPPORT 5v signals.

    PCI 2.3 which is the standard that all machines use now ONLY Supports 3.3v cards and Universal PCI cards that support 3.3v as Well as 5v Signals.

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