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Is it possible to add an SSD to the Inspiron One 2330?


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Is it possible to add an SSD to the Inspiron One 2330?

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As the title says really.

Looking at buying the Inspiron One 2330, but was just wondering if I can install a second drive, an SSD, to it.  That would be used for the OS, with the Hard drive just for data and, you know, stuff.

Having looked at the manuals, it seems like it may be possible (there seem to be two sata connectors unless I'm an idiot of which there is quite a high chance), but space seems pretty tight in there and I can't seem to find a definite answer anywhere.

It's by no means a deal breaker, but would be a nice added bonus if I could.  Also stops me from buying an SSD if I can't use it.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


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  • Hi

    I would like to inform you that SSD hard drive won’t be compatible with this system.

    System configuration does not include SSD.

    Please reply if you have any further questions

    Thanks & Regards
    Prateek K

  • According the Owner´s Manual ( there are two SATA connectors in the System Board. Could the second SATA port be used to an SSD drive?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi yousade,

    There are two SATA connectors on the motherboard one for hard drive and other for the optical drive. There is no space designated for second hard drive on the computer.

    Please reply for any queries.

  • you could use the msata ssd (slot) as a standalone ssd bootable drive if you do not intend to employ the msata  as Irst or rst  intell technologies...simply by changing boot order sequence and installing the os to the msata.  only draw back is that the biggest msata available is 256gb  when os is installed on a 256 gb (less requires ssd  8gb partition and gb of os) msata when  it to use as a standealone drive  it gives (leaves) you about 230gb  of usable space  you then also could install a 500gb ssd drive in the original HDD slot and use as data drive  ..this HDD config would  afford you the best of both worlds speed and efficiency, flexibility .  the only drawback is you wouldnt be able to employ intell RST or IRST tecnologies  unless you  re partetion the msata twice ( to facilitate using either Irst or rst tecn)   this can be done but is entirely dependant upon your ssd gb space needs .  I have used this hd config on several laptops with limited hd bays or optical bays upgradeability  I have even removed the optical drive and used a optical drive caddy adaptor, and put a 3rd hd in this  to  get 3 functional hds... I am not sure about optical bay removal and replacement on your particular model but it should be possible if they sell a optical bay drive adaptor  for your particular model      Hope this helps  you can achieve at a bare minium 2 functional ssd drives or possibly 3    good luck

                    MAC  II

  • Hi DELL-Ravi Ch and Mac II,

    Thanks a lot for your answers.

    I think the best solution is that presented by Mac II. Use a mSATA SSD 256gb. I really don´t need storage space, since I can use an external HD.

    If i could I would buy the XPS One 27, but Dell does not sell this model in Brazil.

    I will buy the Inspiron One 2330 Touch. The only drawback is the 8 GB RAM limit. I have searched but I couldn´t find if it was a limitation of the system board or if it is possible to add more RAM.

    Thanks again for your quick answers!! It really helped me a lot!

  • is desktop (xps one) seems to be more like a laptop than actual desktop far as ram I believe  the determing factor is based upon hardware config and software.... the amount of usable  memory is determine by operating system (O.S.)  windows 7 pro 64 bit allows in excess of 32 gb whereas  win 7 32 bit is limited to 4 gb  and bios and motherboard and processor (cpu) capabilities check the spec for the processor  and associated chipset . If  the processor and chipset are capable of employing 8gb or more of memory and you have the proper required operating systme  it is highly likely that if you can obatain the proper size and configuration of memory used  that you can indeed  you can insatall and it will be reconized fully..    try reading post (memory upgrades) in other catogories  within this forum you will see what I mean specifically the xps R17 se and the  xps R15 se   many others have been suscessfully upgraded their total memory capacity even thou DELL does not recommend or suggest it ......worst case synerio  if warranty claim should arise you would have to remove and reinstall original memory for warranty validation ..they specifically would not cover memory purchased from a 3rd party vendor ...  with a little research I believe that you can indeed upgrade the memory to at least 16gb sucessfully... other posts for other laptop confirm this....  I have a friend that has a xps R17 se that by dell standards can only be upgraded (memory) to 8gb  currently has and been using 16gb without any problem for several months now.... I believe you will find this can be accompolished by a trial and error basis or by reading post by others who have sucessfully completed the desired upgrade ...hope this helps

                            MAC  II

  • DEll does this intentionally inorder to upsell you to the next higher priced model configuration  they purposely with  hold  (do not publish complete  spec)   for this reason  they would rather sell you a higher priced unit  than make upgrades easier .......however workaround are possible your homework and research and you will see what I mean.....    MAC  II

  • Thanks a lot, Mac II.

    I´ve read about memory upgrade higher than Dell specs, specially for XPS and Inspiron laptops, but I couldn´t find many information about Inspiron One 2330. I will update this post as soon as I buy this computer and upgrade it.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi yousade,

    On Dell Inspiron One 2330 you will be able to connect only WWAN cards to the slot.You will not be able to use it for mSATA drive.

    Please reply for any queries.

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