Can i add an ie1394 board within Inspiron 660 ?


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Can i add an ie1394 board within Inspiron 660 ?

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To replace my old Inspiron machine.. I would buy a new PC, to make Video Capture using Fireware.

Is Inspiron 660 , with adding an ie 1394 (is it possible?), is a right PC?

How many slots available to add PCI boards ?



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  • Hi jlm5,

    ‘Dell Inspiron 660’ comes with Three PCI Express x1 card slots. You will not find any PCI slots on ‘Dell Inspiron 660’.

    The computer will support e1394 port (FireWire).

    You will have to purchase e1394 PCIe x1 card.

    Please reply for any queries.

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  • Hello,

    I understand that I have a slot PCI-Express available, and i could plug my e1394, taken on my old Inspiron



  • jlm5,

    A PCI card will not function in a PCIe (express) slot. You will need to get something link this.

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