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Troubleshooting: Motherboard or Power-supply?


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Troubleshooting: Motherboard or Power-supply?

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Greetings all,

Recently, my Precision490 Workstation seems to have died. I suspect it's the power-supply, as there are no signs of any life when the machine's plugged in. No lights, no fans, nothing. But I would like to know if there are any quick visual tests/checks I can do before going further. I've already ordered a new power supply so the moment of truth will come in a few days.

Also woud like to know about any cautionary measures to take before installing the new unit and turning the machine on.

Thanks & best,


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  • Hi Nicholas,

    Let us check if there is any light on the back of the computer close to the power supply. If there is no LED glowing near the power supply then the problem can be with the power supply.

    Change the power supply cable and then switch on the computer, check if it is powering on.

    If not then it might be the power supply which might be causing the issue.

    Please do write back to us.

    Thanks and regards,
    Madhur B
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