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Dell Optplex 745 all usb ports not working


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Dell Optplex 745 all usb ports not working

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Hi all

i have an issue in my Dell Optiplex 745. whose all usb ports are not working at all. i have tried ps2 to usb cable but in vain. also tried PCI USB Card to detect usb but still in vain. i am in great trouble. because my pc is not booting and in start screen computer shows KEYBOARD FAILURE, Press F1 to boot and F2 to enter setup.

kindly do help me in this regard.

My system specs: Dell Optplex 745, 2gb ram, Processor 3.4 Pentium D. 160 gb segate hard disk. 

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  • Hi,

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    Sounds like a hardware problem. Try to reseat devices like hard drive and optical drive cables, Memory,keybord/mouse and video card (if available). Before doing this, make sure the power cord is disconnected at the back. Then  reconnect everything and try again.

    You can also try using a different keyboard to test with. See if that works,


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