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Inspiron one 2320 - touchscreen unresponsive


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Inspiron one 2320 - touchscreen unresponsive

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I recently bought a dell inspiron one 2320 with a touch monitor.

However, the touchscreen is not responding to any form of touch despite 'Tablet input service'  Running in services, in control panel i have ticked 'Use finger as an input device' And i have opened the case and the wires for touch function appear to be correctly connected. 

Concerning drivers, i am not 100% sure what i am looking for so it may be the problem, i have installed all available drivers from the dell website. 

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi RowanM ,

    Welcome to the community.

    I would like to inform you that there are no drivers for the touch screen. You will need to go into control panel and calibrate the touch settings. Refer to the following link for detail video.