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desktop dell inspiron 537

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when i turn my computer on it goes straight to a black screen and says dell and freezes

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  • Hi,

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    Remove power cord at the back, and hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Then return the cord again and power it on. See if it works.

    You can try running diagnostics first to see if all hardware components are working. Restart the computer, on Dell logo keep tapping F12. Choose diagnostics and test system. Post back for any error codes.

    If all test passed, reseat all devices like the hard drive, memory, video card (if avail) and optical drive. Then reconnect and try booting up.

    Let me know of the results,

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  • My dell inspiron 537 can't connect to a network, i know i have to install specific drivers. But they are confusing.

    Which driver will i installl? Pls help, want to connect to LAN especially wifi.

  • Hi Janina24,

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    Try installing this driver for LAN (Realtek)

    If you have a wireless device try this ;

    Hope this helps,

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  • i did try to install what you say but didnt work. So i decided to change my lan card. but still cant connect to a network. pls help

  • You don't give any info about your network setup, operating system and hardware. Your computer does not have a wireless card unless you installed a separate one. You will not be able to connect to wifi without a wireless card. You have to use an Ethernet cable to connect your wired network card to your broadband modem or router. Your Hardware Device Manager will list the cards that are installed to select the right driver. If you just reinstalled Windows, you need to install the correct drivers in the correct order.

    Add more info to get more help with this.

  • you do need to install all the drivers for you system but it does not matter how you install them last one first or first one last or what ever, and also if you have no wireless card installed you will not use wireless you will use the yellow ethernet cable to use off of your modem or router. 

    I use wifi but I have a wireless adapter that I use in a usb port very simple to use and very easy, if you prefer not to spend any money then just use the yellow cable and plug it in the back of your computer only fits 1 plug and plug in the back of modem or router.

    Let us know if you get it.


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