Hi Guys,

Hope you are all doing great, I bought the dell desktop Studio XPS 435MT from the us around 2 years ago; Since then I have been using it in lebanon with so much difficulties regarding buying a compatible ups for this desktop.

I have bought around 3 different upses to try them on this desktop and none worked, whenever the electricity switches to generator or vice versa or the electricity goes for a very short period of time, the pc restarts or shuts down. After many repeats of such scenarios, it is now freezing twice when I turn it on, I have to return it off then on twice to make it work.

I can't seem to find a power supply in Lebanon that can keep my PC on when I'm playing a game that requires graphics usage such as dota 2.

i checked my serial number and checked online and got the following components(if they may help chosing a ups):
http://www.dell.com/support/troubleshoo … n/04/Index
The PSU is 475 W, the UPS that failed to keep the pc on handles 750 W.