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How do you navigate this sorry site?  I have 3 pc's that I had registered with my account.  None are listed any longer and one was just purchased november 11.  I then try to do a tag recognition with their tools because all I want to do is check for driver updates associated with my Tag.  It can't auto detect and the page doesn't do jack when I enter the tag specifically.......and again, none of my systems are registered with my account.  yes, I know, this is not a technical issue per se' but I can't download the frickin drivers because the site can't recognize anything.  Who do you suggest in Dell that I take my rant to?


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  • Have you tried navigating to the model?

  • Hi rdunnill

    Welcome to the Community,

    The drivers can be downloaded directly from

    Since you have three computers i would advice you to please use the link given below and tryr entering the Service tag of each one of your computer one by one.

    Hope this help!

    Deepak Singh
    Certified Dell Community Professional