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XPS 8500 Power Supply

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I was looking at the manual for the XPS 8500 model, but I could not find the wattage of the psu for one specific model . I would like to know whether or not all of the models have same power supply for the xps models that have an i7 cpu. I know that some of them, if not all, have a 460-watt psu, but I am unsure of the xps 8500 models that have an i7. Thank you.

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  • Wow, sorry to hear that. If you don't mind me asking, what graphics card did you upgrade to? I'm kinda in the same boat.

  • I got the Radeon 7770, although dell now tells me that they are going to be making it standard on the xps 8500.  Trying to get confirmation on that so they can either refund the money for the upgrade or just take the system back refund me and I'll order a new one....

    I'm still trying to figure out how they got this card on a 460w power supply.  Worst part is the power supply has another rail on it for an even hungrier card.  

    Their tech just repaired my system and the mobo went bad with just a few days use. I hope this isn't a repeating problem.

  • The 7770 is supposed to be very power efficient when related to other cards in it's class. The only downside, however, is that they still don't perform quite as well as most of them. This model, I guess, is more concerned with power efficiency than performance which is fine with me. My main concern is how much the power the 12V rails can output on this power supply. Knowing that would be very helpful.

  • According to Tech Support, the system is available only with 460 watts.  I "chatted" with them when my XPS 8500 arrived with that power supply the other day.  I had read on the AMD web site that the Radeon HD 7770 display card requires a minimum of a 500W supply.

    I was assured "it will work".  That me be true in the short term, but I'm concerned about the long haul.  I'm thinking as soon as it's off warranty, I put in 600-700W PSU.  A few folks have suggested a dual rail PSU is preferable for demanding graphics cards.  (That said, I've also read this card is pretty efficient.)

    It is a little distressing to read Dell will make this the standard graphics card, unlee they beff up the power supply.

  • Hello

    im curious you said you put in a 600-700W PSU... 

    where did you find it and how much was the cost... 

    I have a problem with the same system and have a v7900 card... system will not boot at all and the card ramps up and down its fan constantly.  ATI immediately asked if i had at least a 500W PSU.. its 460W.. and support said i need to first update that ... 

    Any help would be appreciated...



  • He said he would put in the PSU when the system was out of warranty so I am sure it is still under warranty and he has not done so yet.  The HD 7770 does not need a power supply upgrade anyway.  However, in your case with a 7900 series card, this is kinda pushing it.  It certainly would not make sense that the HD 7770 and HD 7950 or HD 7970 have the same 500 watt PSU requirement when the 7900 series uses a lot more.  Therefore, you really can't go by what the AMD site says.  You are right, that is the first thing that AMD would ask is what size power supply you have.  In this situation, you should have just told them 500 watts if you feel comfortable it has nothing to do with the power supply which a lot of times it does not and they just will not offer any additional assistance.  

    For example, I have an HD 6450 that requires a 400 watt power supply according to AMD's site.  However, I know for a fact it simply does not need this and I run it fine on a 250 watt power supply.  If the card was not working right, I would just tell them I had 400 watts because I know if there was a problem it would have nothing to do with not having enough power.  

    Did you buy your 7900 card on your own or did it come with the system installed by Dell?  

    You can upgrade to any ATX type power supply you want as long as you don't buy a cheap one and stay with name brands. You don't need multiple rail PSUs etiher.  Single rails like the Corsairs are just fine and I find they work much better with high-end cards.  HERE is one of the most popular ones.  

  • I actually went out on a limb and bought the 7870 (I have an xps 8500 and of course the gpu needed upgrading) which said it required a 500 watt psu, whereas ours is 460 watts. It works perfectly, even though it doesnt fit the requirements.

    During my research about whether or not I could run the card, I found out that the gpu makers generally overestimate the power requirement. 

    Because our cards need the same amount of power apparently and mine works great, maybe you didn't connect the card properly during installation? This response is awhile later so maybe you found the problem, but if not, post a pic of how the card is installed.


  • Hello! I am going for one year to Europe, where there is 220 V. I am taking my working PC I purchased from Dell in 2012 – it is Dell XPS 8500. Will it work if I plug in overt there? I don't want it to burn…

    Or I need a converter for the 220V to 110V conversion? Please advice…

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